T2 Trainspotting (2017)
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A continuation of the Trainspotting saga reuniting the original characters. Danny Boyle returns to direct, and many of the original cast return as we check in with the characters 20 years on.

The plot doesn't stick to closely to the book Porno, but there are plenty of nods to the original film. Anjela Nedyalkova does good work as a new main character playing against the established cast.
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Looking forward to seeing this when it hits stateside in six weeks
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Oh! I'm sorry to post so early... It was well-received in the cinema here in Scotland last night, at least. I can't wait to hear the views from stateside, but it looks like I will anyway.
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Nice to see some actual Edinburgh in it this time round. I really enjoyed it and as a local was especially pleased to see the scrapyard near salamander immortalised. I used to walk past there every day on the way to work. Used to wonder who'd live in the new builds surrounding it. Sick Boy obv
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This is an interesting consideration of how we can become trapped or at least caught up in what we have done in our pasts. I thought the slower pace than the pretty frenetic first film worked well in relation to the less energetic aged characters. It grinds a little when they actually have to work in the plot at the end and its pretty obvious what is going to happen. Spud turning out to be Irvine Welsh was handled quite nicely, but does that mean we know what happens to him afterwards, or not?
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Spud was the embodiment of the word gowk in such a charming way. There was one weird directorial choice I thought didn't work - the superimposed cartoon faces. I read all of the books a couple of years ago, and I think the changes were generally beneficial.
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wildly uneven, especially the beginning and the end, but the middle was great.

also, My Sides, the fucking scene in the protestant social club....
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The scenes with Young Tommy's actor and Kevin McKidd narrating passages from the original novel were unexpectedly heartbreaking in a way the original wasn't... which I guess is the point of the film ya ken?
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Had zero expectations coming in, but I found it excellent. I was a HS senior when the original came out and ages/life situation of the characters is pretty damned germane.

The (process of) opening a brothel sauna is hillarious, especially the grants application. Oddly coincident (legal, regulated, but sometimes morally persecuted) with what I found myself falling into. Also old estranged childhood friends, scans right by me.

Spud/Ewen Bremner is standout in this.

McGregor, Miller, Carlyle are themselves. Nice seeing Macdonald in her role.
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Just watched it after having the disc sitting around from Netflix DVD for the past 4 months. Overall, I enjoyed it. Totally agree with Ewen Bremner being great in this. His character is the only one that really has personal growth.
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Excellent sequel and I loooved the original. So happy for a good ending for Spud.
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