Legends of Tomorrow: The Legion of Doom
February 1, 2017 4:52 AM - Season 2, Episode 10 - Subscribe

This was a lot of fun. I like the Legion of Doom a lot more than the Legends, frankly - it was fun to get some focus on them, watch them work out their alliance a bit more. I'm also pleased to see Rip Hunter as a bad guy for the time being - if he's gonna be the worst, I'd rather the show were on board with that.

Also, bonus points to them for the Black Racer: their interpretation was pretty creepy, though I don't believe that vault would hold a creature like that for more than a few seconds.

The Legends stuff was all right too - I appreciated that Mick wasn't on board with lying to Lily. (I suspect they'll have to let her live at this point though, and will use the Spear to facilitate that - she was just instrumental in them figuring out the doofy compass thing, so writing her out of history seems fraught at this juncture.)
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I've seen speculation online that the Black Racer / Black Flash is the final form of Zoom / Hunter Zolomon from last season's Flash, but did the episode say anything to confirm that or is that the assumption based on costuming and comics counterpart?
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did the episode say anything to confirm that or is that the assumption based on costuming and comics counterpart?

I only watched the episode once, but I didn't see any confirmation. I do think it's Zoom though - all signs point to it. In particular, Thawne was expecting Time Wraiths, but got the Racer instead, and the Wraiths were last seen killing and maiming Zoom in that fashion. It could be someone else, but I don't see why. (The issue of 'who is he?' is fairly far removed from our protagonists, so spending the extra energy needed to make it a mystery seems silly, even for this show.)
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Okay, now that was what I want out of this show!

Last episode with the focus on George Lucas left me pretty underwhelmed, but this one seemed to be firing on all the cylinders available in the timestream.

Okay, I still have all kinds of issues with some of the comic book logic (or lack thereof) displayed here--a speedster should be able to vibrate through the vault, I don't know how pulling Darhk out of the timestrean so early hasn't messed up that whole season of Arrow or why Malcolm still remembers the events surrounding Darhk's time in Start City, why the Waverider crew just didn't pop in to see Barry when they were already in Central City to ask him about the identity of the unknown speedster, Mick being (or playing) stupid, despite his experience as Chronos, etc.--but the increased snappiness and liveliness of the writing and the dialogue more than made up for the plot issues. Plus the bad guys were a lot of fun. I never liked Darhk on Arrow, and Merlyn more than overstayed his welcome on the sister show, and I'm so done with futuristic evil speedsters on Flash, but somehow putting the trio together works here, at least for now.

This used to be the DCCW offering I looked forward to the least, but currently it's the one I anticipate the most. Let's hope it can keep this kind of energy going.
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Did anyone yell out "JUST KISS ALREADY!" when Dahrk and Lovely were shit-talking each other? Just us, then?

their faces were so close you guys, I could totally feel the chemistry omg omg omg
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Really, that was one of their best episodes yet. Good job, villains fighting!
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