Steven Universe: The Zoo
February 1, 2017 5:48 PM - Season 4, Episode 14 - Subscribe

Steven and Greg encounter a utopian society! But there's trouble in paradise...
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I think this might be the most unsettling thing this show has ever done.
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So Steven is almost literally crystal space Jesus; and now his dad is the serpent in the garden?
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I get it, you guys. I also choose Ga-reg.
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Loved the Amethysts counselling the zoomans though <3 They were being so empathetic!
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I laughed SO hard at Greg's, "UGH, there's ALWAYS a catch with these utopias!" Ahahahahahahaha.

I also thought the Amethysts were sweet! They were really trying to help the sobbing humans.
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No one can resist the Universe!


That IS a good look for Greg.

It's funny that everyone is all "creepy!" when I found this episode pretty delightful. I mean yes: kidnapping humans and keeping them in zoos, bad! But the innocence of the Zoomans is both hilarious and confusing. Surely people stub their toes? That hurts if nothing else does!

But they're so damn happy and beautiful. Their mouths make little kittycat shapes all the time, they are so happy!

They do apparently know that "Kids don't Choosen" because they tell Steven to wait. BUT...where ARE the kids? Are there some in another part of the Zoo? Maybe with the middle-aged folks? Because while we see some older Zoomans, we don't see any kids or babies or Greg-aged people.

Also, genetically speaking, that is not a big enough group for interbreeding so there better be more.

On to quotes!

"That's the tiniest splash I've ever seen!"
"Anyone who was Choosened with you would be lucky Ga-reg!" (J10 is INTO him)
Steven: "What do we do now?"
*earrings chime*
Greg: "Whatever SHE wants."
"The fruit today is PURPLE!!!"
"That's the most fun I've had since yesterday!"
"Thanks for braiding my dad's hair!"
"I'll never Choosen again!"
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Oh god the Zoo.


Steven can impress Connie with cool earrings when he gets home now.

I'm glad That Sugar Woman found a way to make it even gayer than before. She truly is a genius. And who can blame the Zoomans for wanting to Choosen Greg? The man's a gift.

"I haven't broken this many hearts since I had all my hair."

The Zoo may be the only structured environment that Steven had ever encountered. He doesn't go to school, the Gems are very freeform and Greg is such a big old hippie he probably bleeds tie-dye. No wonder Steven was finding it deeply frustrating.

I'm also glad Steven didn't accidentally rupture any of Greg's more important organs. Kid's punching with Quartz power there, Greggo. You might wanna, I don't know, fake a twisted ankle or something next time.
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Was it the movie The Time Machine that had a setup a little like this? The time to eat and sleep pinged at my memory but it's been quite awhile since I've seen that movie.
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