Hi-Phi Nation: Soldier Philosophers Part 1: Moral Exploitation
February 4, 2017 3:17 PM - Subscribe

When one Army soldier discovered the propagation of torture tactics during the Iraq war, he engaged in a one-man mission inside the organization to learn about their origins, and the effect they had on lower-level soldiers who were implementing them... On this episode, we look at the side-effects of moral decision-making on the soldiers who are asked to carry-out a President's orders. Guest voices include Michael Robillard and Ian Fishback.

This new podcast on uses journalism and story telling to explore issues in philosophy. This episode features a soldier philosopher on questions of moral exploitation.

One expression of this is the idea that ...soldiers are exploited insofar as they are pressured to shoulder additional moral responsibilities, moral deliberative roles, and moral risks that they would not otherwise agree to shoulder were they not vulnerable. This type of exploitation, which involves unfairly off-loading or outsourcing moral burdens onto those who are vulnerable, we call moral exploitation. (from this link). The way that the blame for abuses at Guantanamo was shifted from government officials and military decision makers down to young soldiers is explored in depth.
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