Movies for the Current Administration Club
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Inspired by this comment, would folks be interested in assembling a club to watch and discuss films in the context of the current U.S. administration and/or the rightward tilt of the world? The idea would be to draw from a broad base of films, albeit with more of an emphasis on things that can create uplift or provide guidance about how to go forward rather than pure criticism of the present. Asking because I am terrible at running clubs, but sort-of-okay about joining them.

The challenge is considering how films essentially exist in a vacuum that can be evaluated in almost any direction. (Here I’m thinking of how John Carpenter felt compelled to clarify that They Live was about the evils of yuppies, not the Jews, or how the creator of Mr. Robot was getting into fights with Trump supporters over how they had misunderstood the series. )
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I would be into this. Realistically, I can't commit to full participation, but I'm sure I'd watch some of them. I just rewatched Children of Men and it's a good candidate...
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I'd had a similar idea. A few of my potential picks were,

Mad Max: Fury Road
Burn After Reading
Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?

Anyhow, I'd join the discussion if there were such a club.
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In a super-abstract sense, maybe Thumbsucker?
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I would be down for this. Can documentaries be included?
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