The Secret Diary of Laura Palmer
February 12, 2017 9:31 PM - by Jennifer Lynch - Subscribe

Back in print for the first time in years—and available in eBook for the first time—the New York Times bestselling tie-in to the hit television show and cult classic, Twin Peaks. Written by Jennifer Lynch, daughter of series co-creator David Lynch. Non-canon, but inspired by canon.

There's a reason this tie-in novel is back in print and the Agent Cooper one isn't.
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Holy crap, this reached #4 on the New York Times paperback bestseller list back in the day. Rumor has it Sheryl Lee is doing an audiobook version of it for release soon.
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Trigger warning: this starts as the diary of a twelve-year-old girl who is being abused and goes downhill from there.
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Yeah, I read this book waaaay too much as a pre-teen. I still love it and have my original copy, but when I read it now, it's really amazing and kind of dumb of some of the sexual stuff that went right over my head.
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I've got both of the tie-in books (as well as the audio version of the Dale Cooper one, highly-abridged, with new material read by Kyle MacLachlan as well as his recordings from the show), and while I like the Dale Cooper one just fine--it does a good job of balancing some picaresque boy's-own-adventure bits with the more serious and tragic aspects of his character as revealed in the show--the Laura Palmer book seems more necessary, both as a work in its own right and by elevating the diary in the show to something more than a sort of McGuffin. (There is a post on the blue about Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me, the TP prequel that this book complements/supplements/informs; as noted there, major spoilers abound as well as trigger warnings.)
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Halloween Jack, your insight into this novel's necessity is bang-on; Sheryl Lee read this book to prepare for playing Laura Palmer in the film.
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Rumor has it Sheryl Lee is doing an audiobook version of it for release soon.

Rumor confirmed.
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