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February 14, 2017 7:28 AM - Season 1, Episode 3 - Subscribe

In the third "chapter" of Riverdale, Cheryl comes clean about when she last saw Jason, Betty and Jughead investigate Jason's death, while Veronica goes "full dark, no stars" to get revenge for herself and others.
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I'm continuing Margalo Epps' "Books Included" tag use, "mostly joking about books included, but figured if people wanted to compare the show to any of the books they've read, go for it."

So, now we get to the Twin Peaks weirdness, as CNN mentioned in an early show review. I mean, CW's teen drama version of Twin Peaks, but more "peaky" than Atlanta ever was, besides some weird moments.

I'm (more) hooked now.
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I really liked when Mr. Andrews cut right to the chase, "Can he make a living at it?" It was the only part I really bought about this episode.

I know teen boys aren't known for their impulse control but God damn Chuck, that was idiotic. Not so smart on B+V's part either, honestly; I had visions of a head hitting a tiled corner, a face being held under water...
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LBR, Betty's mom deserved that face slap, even if the Blossom family is creepier and more awful.
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The scouts made me think of Moonrise Kingdom.
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I'm honestly questioning whether Polly exists or is just an alter ego of Betty.
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Yeah, there's... something going on there.

related: up until partway through the second episode maybe we hadn't really seen jughead interact with anyone but archie and I wondered if maybe he wasn't real
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I predicted Betty would have the Good Girl Snap in episode four. I think she got there a bit early in this episode. Yes, I am also wondering about some kind of multiple personalities situation.

I continue to not be into this show except for Betty and Veronica, though I will concur the trailer I saw for the next episode was creepy intriguing.
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To be honest, I'm here for the mystery, and the teen drama is sort of secondary for me. It's not a genre I'm super familiar with, so I can't really rate it (other than saying that I don't hate it so far), but the mystery is really compelling. I think that the two are playing together pretty well: all of the intertwining motivations and relationships. Eps 2 and 3 have been a little flatter than the premier in terms of cinematography, but the show's look is still very slick, and very well done. I think I'm fully on board for this, unless it nose dives precipitously later in the season.
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Yeah, I actually have no idea what to expect from the show, which is rare. That's the real hook for me. Betty is the second hook and the cinematography is the third ...

I don't think they'll nosedive. This is the type of the show that the CW does well.
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I've decided to pretend that the producers are lying about B/V being queerbaiting because, well, I watched that hot tub scene.
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I'm really enjoying this show, especially this version of Josie and the Pussycats. I think they're doing a good job of muddling up the mystery so far, and have high hopes that there will be numerous ridiculous red herrings complicating everything.

I am bad at recognizing actors, so when Ethel appeared I wasn't sure if it was the actress who played Barb in Stranger Things or just someone styled to resemble her. I appreciated the "#justice for Ethel" joke confirming my suspicions.
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