Chapo Trap House: Episode 83 Boston Skrong
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The thing about Patriots Day that really impressed me was how it really expands on the Boston cinematic universe. Boston of course was a fictional city created in the film Good Will Hunting and was then used subsequently in The Departed and The Town of course but it's in Patriots Day that i feel like it really almost comes alive. They have a fake police department, a fake marathon. They continued that really silly funny accent they put on. It's really an incredible achievement that rivals the Marvel universe and other similar creations i think. And i think Markie Mark's gonna probably win an Oscar for this one.
That's from the cold open, contributed by Matt V. Brady. In this week's Grey Wolf special show the boys discuss the apparently real movie, Patriots Day, about the Boston bombing, which actually sounds pretty good.
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Glad to see Chapo finally make it to FanFare! The joke in this episode about how Mark Wahlberg has to be nice to an Asian person on film in his next five movies to get his assault expunged from his criminal record was great.
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I lost it at "Aaron Hernandez - higher body count than the Boston bombings."
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I assume the movie is actually terrible (and it really did lose a bunch of money), but I wasn't kidding when I said they make it sound good. Like, it's good all these like deadpan critiques of what the police did, a seemingly accurate depiction of the relationship between the brothers, and some genuinely tense moments.

Also I really like Mark Wahlberg (y'know, qua actor; he does seem like a bad person).
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