Chapo Trap House: Episode 85 The Appropriators feat. Shuja Haider
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Well, I do declare, that if a man should be in that there Google Chrome, and he opens a window in the incognito, anything he looks at is not illegal. Now look, I may be a simple country lawyer and senator, but I swear on the memory of General Lee that you cannot be convicted of downloading pornographic images and video of the child persuasion if you mosey on down in that incognito window.
This week's Grey Wolf episode previews incriminating comments from three top Trump officials wedged between MMA-watching hippie musings on the Joe Rogan Experience, and talks about a YDS panel on cultural appropriation and identity politics. It's the Chapos w/ guest Shuja Haider.
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On Saturday night Matt did a Periscope stream where he expands on the End of Everything rant he went on in the last episode as well as lots of other pretty entertaining ramblings.
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Oh man I have Periscope filed under "Weird stuff only kids understand"
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Other funny thing I noticed -- when I'm listening to the podcasts, they seem to come really slowly, but when I'm making / commenting in discussion threads about them, they seem to come really fast.
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