The Good Fight: Inauguration
February 27, 2017 4:43 AM - Season 1, Episode 1 - Subscribe

The Good Fight is the sequel to The Good Wife. The series follows Christine Baranski as attorney Diane Lockhart.

Diane watches the inauguration of Donald Trump in stunned silence and is motivated to make a change. She plans for her retirement and signs an exit agreement with her firm. She meets with friends to celebrate, including the Rindell family, headed by the powerful and respected Henry Rindell (Paul Guilfoyle), married to Lenore (Bernadette Peters). Henry is a financial consultant who has invested money for many prominent businesspeople in Chicago, including Diane and many of her clients. Diane is the godmother to Rindell's daughter, Maia (Rose Leslie), who has just passed the bar, and through Diane's connections, has secured her a starting position at the firm. Diane heads what will be her final case at the firm, a police brutality charge, in which she is representing the state. Opposing her is Adrian Boseman (Delroy Lindo), the head of a rival firm, hoping to secure a large settlement for his client. Boseman is assisted by Lucca Quinn (Cush Jumbo), having joined Boseman's firm after leaving Diane's employ.

Before Diane can close the case, Henry Rindell is arrested for orchestrating an elaborate Ponzi scheme, and Diane finds herself broke and unable to follow through with her retirement. However, when she attempts to return to the firm, she is rebuffed. Joining another firm also proves difficult, as Diane is seen as complicit in the scam, having directed many of her clients to invest with Rindell. Diane is told that her assets may be seized as evidence, and she is advised to divorce her husband, Kurt (Gary Cole), to prevent his assets being seized as well. Having separated from Kurt after the discovery of his affair, Diane brings up the option to him, but he refuses to file for divorce, still hoping for a reconciliation. Meanwhile, Boseman realizes that there is an opportunity to gain Diane's services for a fraction of her value, and he offers her a junior partner position at his firm. With few other options, Diane accepts Boseman's offer, and when Maia is fired, in part due to her father's financial scandal, Diane brings her along to her new firm.
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Thank you for doing this!

Almost died of glee during the opening six seconds or so. Very much enjoying the return of the things we loved about the last show - daft judges, lawyers arguing like lawyers in settings where they're not allowed to argue like lawyers, etc. The OMG LSBNS of the trailer seems like it's not really going to be a thing, thankfully. And the shorter series hopefully will mean less filler case-of-the-weeks and better attention to the overall arcs.

Who's everyone hoping for return appearances from? Bit niche, but I'd love to see the return of Matthew Lillard's hopeless musician...
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This show is doing so much to make up for the yawning ache in my soul for old-school Law & Order. MOAR COURTROOM SCENES PLZ
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Courtroom = awesome guest judge actors (JANE ALEXANDER!) and prosecutors (CHRISTINE LAHTI!!)
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What is going on with this show? Do I have to subscribe to some weird online thing? 'Cause that ain't happening.
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Please Don't Come Back:

Alicia's kids

Or husband. Taking Alicia out of the equation was the best thing ever. I LOVED this episode. I absolutely loved, loved, loved this -- it was brilliant, and I cannot wait to see the rest of this work of genius.
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Well, it *would* be satisfying to know where she disappeared to, apparently unnoticed by absolutely everybody...
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Never watched the Good Wife, came only to see Christine Baranski, will stay for all the other great characters/actors. Thoroughly enjoyable.
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Do I have to subscribe to some weird online thing?

Yeah, it's the flagship of CBS All Access, the Tiffany network's streaming service. I might sign up when the new Star Trek joins this, but it's a very soft might.
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It's also on the W Network in Canada, though running about a week behind the CBS schedule.
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Add to the wish list:

Elsbeth Tascioni
Nathan Lane's character
I was never a big Robin fan but the investigator who dragged his kids around with him always cracked me up.
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Are we not doing the rest of the season?

Elsbeth IS coming back, though.
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I'm really enjoying this show! Episode 3 was a little less than stellar, but just caught up to ep5 and it's getting it's groove. I love it.
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Finally got the chance to watch Ep 1 and it was GREAT.

Sad about the divorce because I liked that relationship. Also hoping that David Lee pops up now and then. so many good characters like old friends. Nice call out to Will.
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Okay, four episodes in and, one odd note: I've never before googled a performer's name plus the word "stroke" before and now I've done it twice today.
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I've been ignoring this show because I didn't think I'd like it, but tonight I decided to give it a shot and I really enjoyed the first episode. Now I have a good ten evenings' worth of enjoyable viewing ahead of me!
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The quirky lawyers and judges, please! Those are the guest stars I want to see. They’re more important to me than Maia’s Game of Thrones family haha
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