Steven Universe: Tiger Philanthropist
March 3, 2017 6:56 PM - Season 4, Episode 19 - Subscribe

After Purple Puma unexpectedly quits Beach City Underground Wrestling, Tiger Millionaire comes up with a new "philanthropist" gimmick which is less than successful.
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This was good, just as a bookend to show how much Amethyst and Steven have each grown. I think meeting other Amethysts was really good for her, just knowing she has family out there. I hope when it's all over she goes to be with them again.
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Yeah, this is a closure episode for me. Ame explicitly states that she doesn't need wrestling to feel good about herself any more - good for her! And like Mr Encyclopedia, I think the Famethyst have been good for her - they just accepted her as she was, loved her with her faults, and even joined in with her standard shit-stirring. Good times.
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It is worth noting (gosh I say that a lot) that fans knew the title of this episode months ago, it's been put off a lot. Continuity-wise, it could probably have gone anywhere after Bubbled.
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Yeah, I get that this probably was originally going to be sometime between Bubbled and the Zoo arc, but I think it actually fits better after the Zoo than before, for the aforementioned reasons. Amethyst was still struggling with self-doubt even after beating Jasper in Earthlings, as seen in Know your Fusion. Personally I think meeting her peers and being unanimously welcomed would be exactly what she needed. She's never really fit in with the CGs because she doesn't know how to act like a Gem, and she doesn't fit in with humans because she IS a gem. Steven is the only other person who has had a similar between-two-worlds experience, but he doesn't have anyone else like him at all, just a room full of his bubbled Aunts.

This was a much better Lars episode than Rocknaldo was a Ronaldo episode. Lars consistently gets better episodes, possibly because he's a much older and more fleshed-out character (Sadie and Lars predate the rest of the SU crew). I guess apathetic idiocy is more fun than earnest idiocy?
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PS Metafilter's Own John Scalzi inadvertently took a picture of someone familiar during the lifeboat muster on the Joco Cruise.
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To spoil it for those who don't know what she looks like, Scalzi apparently caught a shot of Rebecca Sugar herself, front and center, on the cruise!
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Also the girl on the far right looks like the kid from Devil's Advocate.
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It's been made official, Lauren Zuke has left the show, presumably over how horrible some fans were to her a while back. She still has a few episodes coming up the pipe, including next week's, Room For Ruby.

Goddammit fandom.
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I'm pretty bummed about the news too, JHarris. I really like her work. I really, really hope there's more to it (an offer of something with better creative control, for example) but I wouldn't be surprised if it was the uglier side of fandom that did it.
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I'm rewatching.

"I don't know! I don't even know what I want for breakfast half the time. I'm a complex individual teenage boy. Now get out of here and stop taking such a personal interest in my happiness and well-being!"

I died, again
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