Girls: Painful Evacuation
March 6, 2017 12:25 AM - Season 6, Episode 4 - Subscribe

Hannah interviews influential writer Ode Montgomery; Adam storms off the set of his latest acting job; Ray considers the course of his life after a regular at the coffee shop dies suddenly; Marnie is confronted with her narcissism.
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Couple randos:

How much coke are Adam and Jessa doing to think their love triangle is really that unique? Also: Jessa noticed she might have been a child sociopath;
Why is Ray still with Marnie considering she hasn't moved on and is still the same narcissistic bore? She and Desi are actually perfect for each other because I don't think anyone else would put up with their fucknuggetisms.
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I am enjoying this season so much.

I like how Adam and Jessa are in their own play-within-a-play world. Marnie owning her Marnie-ness.

Ray's crisis is a little heartbreaking, but also why **can't** he get it together???
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How much coke are Adam and Jessa doing

This has been my question all season, and considering they are both addicts I'm wondering when the other shoe is going to drop. Or if we're just supposed to think that is their energy. I don't remember them being so constantly manic last year though.
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How much coke are Adam and Jessa doing

In the discussion with Dunham that follows the episode, she describes them as "seemingly sober." I'm not sure how much weight to place on the seemingly part.
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Last week she also claimed whatshisname he wasn't planning on whipping his dick out, sooooooo...

I dunno. Adam's insane physical intensity have been part of his character from the start, but Jessa has mostly been Miss Blasé throughout the series. I can only imagine at least she is doing Scarface levels of coke.
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I can excuse this episode's creative high for them, but I keep coming back to the scene in the first ep where they're naked and hyper and nonstop giggly in front of a pissed off Ray. They're both characters who do not act in normal ways, so saying something feels off doesn't necessarily mean anything, but it definitely felt wayyyy off.
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Jessa really looked like an addict in this episode too - she was wearing a grimy t-shirt the whole time and she has always previously been quite put together.
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Desi's therapist was HERCULES MULLIGAN!
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