Supernatural: Family Feud
March 10, 2017 1:30 AM - Season 12, Episode 13 - Subscribe

Sam and Dean investigate a ghost bent on murdering teachers. Kelly Klein recieved unexpected help after being attacked by an angel.
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Though I get that Crowley is a baddie, it's still frustrating how badly Sam and Dean treat him. He just barely saved Cas's life (after being struck down by Ramiel for trying to save the Winchesters), and they send his son off to die without even trying to find another way to get rid fo the ghost. Gavin came back years ago, aren't they really messing with time by sending him back now? It was fun to see Rowena meet Gavin. Speaking of baddies, Rowena reminded us how black her heart is with that last scene with Crowley. Also, I was pretty worried about Crowley being in over his head with Lucifer. Poor Crowley.
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I didn't even remember Crowley had a son, much less care about what happened to him.
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Mary: [working with Ketch, on the phone to Dean] Hey, Dean. Nothin', just, uh... I'm at a motel outside Newark. No, no special plans. You know, pay-per-view, magic fingers, the uze. Oh, it's so sweet of you to think of me. I... Tongue ripped out. Wow. I, uh... I'm actually still sort of resting up after that whole Ramiel thing. But if you need me... You sure? Okay, rain check. Hey, I love you.

Waitress: [to Kelly Kline, who is expecting Lucifer's child] Well, take it from me, before kids, your life is yours. Once they show up, life as you know it is over.
Kelly: Yeah. Pretty sure that's the way this is gonna go.
Waitress: But whenever it pops out, you're totally gonna love the little devil

Crowley: [to Dean] Turns out that behind that whole moron facade, you and your brother are, in fact, morons!

Rowena: [to Crowley] I'm your mother, dear. Who better to crush your shriveled heart?


Gavin MacLeod is the name of the actor that played Captain Stubing on The Love Boat.

When Sam is looking at a possible case in Des Moines, IA, he brings up a newspaper website called The Des Moines Herald. In reality both the newspaper and website is called The Des Moines Register.

When Dagon says to Kelly, "Come with me if you want to live," it is an homage to The Terminator movies starring Arnold Schwarzenegger as it is said in each one. Arnold kills the similarly-named-but-unrelated god Dagoth in the epic Conan the Destroyer.

Fiona Duncan's and Gavin MacLeod's surnames combined make Duncan MacLeod, like the main character from The Highlander.
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There's a definite mom theme in this one, and it features both a deceptive mom and a vindictive mom.

On my first run through the series, I don't think I picked up on how Ketch was hitting on Mary in this episode.
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