Nashville: If Tomorrow Never Comes
March 12, 2017 4:10 PM - Season 5, Episode 9 - Subscribe

After her life-changing experience and terrifying event, Rayna scrambles to write one more song for the album with Deacon. Meanwhile, Juliette's leg starts to hurt unexpectedly; and Gunner fights for Scarlett.

After a weekend catch-up mini-binge I thought it best to skip a couple of episodes and get to the main event.

The queen is dead. I didn’t see that coming so early. We’re not even half way through the season and Connie Britton had said she was in it for the long haul (although upon rereading that’s not really what she said is it?) I thought something was definitely being set-up because she and Deacon were being so kind a considerate with each other and there was lots of sex and tender moments. That song in episode 7 My Favorite Hurricane was an example of what I’m talking about here. A great number. That car crash really took me by surprise though. Just don’t have her continue in the series as a ghost please.

Barnesy’s journey is doing nothing for me I’m afraid. Her religious conversion doesn’t ring true and has some really objectionable elements to it. Barging in and appropriating the choir and its music and even raising her voice when she gets crossed shows what a diva she still really is. Despite everyone thinking she has changed I keep seeing flash of the old Juliette when the surface has scratched. Maybe she is touched by god though because her recovery speed is nothing short of miraculous.

I knew Damien and Scarlett were on the way to having a thing but boy he’s good. Gunnar should be really feeling threatened, not that he seems to care that much really. He is a strange bird.

Maddie and Clay look headed for a rocky road. I just hope Maddie doesn’t get to carried away with her knee-jerk reactions as she has in the past. Clay needs some gentle handling.

But all of this academic really. Can you kill off the star of a show and continue? Who becomes the new star now?
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Yeah, I think this is the end of the show. Nobody else is all that compelling. How many rounds of Scarlett/ Gunnar relationship drama is anyone actually up for?

I guess they get points for trying to take on race this season the whole Juliette goes gospel plotline is pretty awkward.
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I hated this episode because it was soooo anvilivious (though I loved the unintentional hilarity that the girls' singing is what finally did Rayna in for good!).

I don't see how the show can continue. If they were really serious about it, they needed to have done something different with Gunnar and Scarlett (FFS, I just want them to break up forever and be done with it!!) and given poor ignored Will more to do. I totally agree that while it was great that the new writing team remembered that Black people also live in/near Nashville and make music... it's been pretty cringeworthy.

I got about halfway through the funeral episode and decided that I'm done with Nashville unless it suddenly comes up with a whole new plotline and shakes up the cast even more.
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Coming back to finish the show months later--I'm a completist, what can I say?--No surprises as to what was happening here. I knew she was leaving the show, though not quite how. The only surprise for me was how much it affected me emotionally. I wasn't surprised and I didn't think I cared, but when they busted out "A Life That's Good" at her bedside, I definitely teared up. I'll be finishing this, because that's what I do, but I don't expect to enjoy much of what's left.
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