Chapo Trap House: Episode 90 - Gorka's Revenge feat. Sebastian Gorka (3/12/17)
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Last week's guest exercises his right of reply and challenges Mr. Traphouse to join him in his lair for tea and conversation. The boys and Amber deride the "Bluëxit"(?) fantasy and hunt the AEI's natty duck Arthur Brooks. They end with another pre-taped call-in show, which includes a tragically short Metal Gear analysis and some tantalizing hints of a Chapo future.
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The opener (where Gorka is portrayed by James Adomian) is apparently based on this real-life call from Gorka to one of his journalistic critics.
posted by grobstein at 8:25 AM on March 14, 2017

That Soundcloud link is nuts, also James Adomian is really good, not just nailing the voice but also inhabiting the ridiculous personality of the person he's doing.
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