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March 16, 2017 8:47 AM - Season 2, Episode 8 - Subscribe

Julia and Kady search for alternate solutions to Reynard, with some assistance from Penny and Quentin, while Q and Alice fight for control. High Queen Margo struggles with ruling a kingdom on the brink of war, while trying to revive the unconscious High King Eliot. Julia, bored in Fillory, and with a new sense of purpose, helps in her own unique way. Also, Penny gets an offer from the librarian!

That's right, we're wandering back into book territory! But instead of just dropping the hyper-capable Penny on us as in the books, we might get to see him grow into the True Librarian he is in the books. Otherwise, not too true-to-books, as far as I can recall.

A.V. Club (B): The Magicians cuts some corners (and some trees) in a busy episode

Den of Geek (4.5/5): Emotions run high in this week’s The Magicians even though several characters have hidden or excised their feelings altogether.

Nerdophiles recap
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I guess abortion-gone-wrong is a better way for Julia to lose her shade than her rape, like in the books, but it's still pretty shitty.

Why can't Reynard go to Fillory? Is there some book explanation for that?
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I don't think that was covered in the books, but I imagine that he didn't know where they went, and I could see earth being more fun for a god than Fillory, where there are other main gods who might be protective of the denizens.
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I'm not sure that a god's power translates across worlds. It isn't magic. They make a distinction between magic and divinity. So it's quite possible Reynard simply doesn't have the power to go to Fillory and Ember and Umber don't have the power to go to Earth.
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I'm getting so confused now about what happened in the books and what didn't. I do remember reading something about Eliot facing off against the champion of the Liosans and it looks like that happens next week. And at least we haven't had weeks and weeks of sad sack Quentin sailing and sailing and sailing.
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I'm coming late to these discussions, so forgive me if I'm covering stuff already discussed, but:

The idea of Reynard-in-Fillory isn't covered in the books because the literary Reynard is an incredibly minor character who has almost no bearing on the plot of book 2, and only incidental bearing on book 3. I'm not even sure he appears "on screen" again after the initial moment. Hedgewitches pursuing him are somewhat antagonistic to something Q is doing in book 3, but it's more of a paths-crossing situation than anything else.

Fillory itself is also in a wildly different state in the books. The kings and queens complain that there's little to do because it has more resources than its population could ever need. The notion of a magic-brownout famine causing trouble is a contrivance of the scriptwriters.

There *is* a hiccup in magic that allows the Lorians to mount a super-stupid invasion, but Eliot beats the snot out of their chosen champion in single combat and they all go home. It's a non-issue.

The long & short is that the TV show is incredibly off the books by now, folding in only occasional set pieces or ideas instead of working from Grossman's original plots. Book 2 is all about Quentin taking a long quest to [something something] re-energize Fillory's magic. Book 3 is Q back on Earth pursuing some nebulous Giant Amazing Magic Project based on a fragment he finds floating in the Nietherlands.

And at least we haven't had weeks and weeks of sad sack Quentin sailing and sailing and sailing.
Right? Book 2 is only useful as a bridge to get to book 3, which was much more interesting to me.
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You could just ... follow the guy with the scratched out face. How many of them could there be?
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