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March 16, 2017 8:48 AM - Season 2, Episode 8 - Subscribe

Julia and Kady search for alternate solutions to Reynard, with some assistance from Penny and Quentin, while Q and Alice fight for control. High Queen Margo struggles with ruling a kingdom on the brink of war, while trying to revive the unconscious High King Eliot. Julia, bored in Fillory, and with a new sense of purpose, helps in her own unique way. Also, Penny has a new path to regain his magic.
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FINALLY someone else knows about Alice.

Also I was once again enjoying Penny's ability to needle Quentin instantly and endlessly.
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In this episode either the men had no agency or had agency taken from them. Q has his agency taken from him by Alice and Kady. Elliot is unconscious for most of the episode and apparently is revived by Margo's declaration of power. Julia usurps the power of the tree dryad and the forest as well as acquires what she needs. Penny's only power is in deciding who to serve in order to regain his abilities. So it was nice to see the women take center stage.

Alice's response to Penny though was disappointing. She knew Penny sensed something was off and shouldn't have been SO surprised by what happened. Not so much the cool calculated Alice we've seen of late.
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If you were wondering, here's a bit of information from "Dungeon World" on the Angler Beast:
Like an Angler Fish, only large enough to swallow an adventurer whole, and with four stubby little legs instead of fins. Most have luminous lures, hiding behind doors or around corners, hoping the bobbing and dancing lights will lure curious prey to it. Some instead have lures that appear as precious gemstones or even ornate treasure chests, hiding the bulk of their body in rubble or rubbish until someone draws close enough for a surprisingly swift strike. Instinct: To wait, and feed
  • Swallow someone whole
  • Lure someone in while lurking, camouflaged
No word on their weaknesses, though.
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Apparently their weaknesses include being stabbed in the chest.
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Such a strange episode with a fair amount happening off screen. The budget restraints pop up every now and then. But the room where King Eliot was being revived, the lights, the crystals, etc. that was just beautiful.

From the AVClub: Someone clearly needs to take Ember down a peg for destroying magic Margo! Margo! Margo!
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