Special Event: March Madness: NCAA basketball tournament 2017
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The US college basketball tournament is on! Men's and women's, let's try having both in here. There's also a MeTa for brackets if you're into that.
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I wonder if it's possible for my partner's bracket to become a flaming ruin in the very first game of the Men's tourney.

One can hope. Plus if that does happen I'll pick him up a treat at the grocery store (just like he would if my bracket had that happen).
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brackets born knowing / one slice of spring suffices / eat treats & fuck duke
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fuck duke

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Princeton down 3 with 19.5s left....
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...but no.
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I was very annoyed that I couldn't set my defenses to be able to watch. I had to resort to switching to incognito and turning off uBlock completely.

I usually ignore college basketball until Championship week and try to get a feel for what teams I like then. Circumstances overtook this year, so I have no idea about anything. Which is to say, I'll take all chalk to the final four, but I got 'Nova over UNC for the championship.

Gotta say, down by 1 with 8 on the clock, Princton needed to take a percentage play. What a heartbreaker.
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Oh geeze Gonzaga, pick it up already. You've been tied to, or trailing, a 16 seed all game.

flibberti "I picked Gonzaga as champ and do not want this to be a historic match" gibbet
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History is always great, as long as it is happening to someone else's team.


eck "Did you know that Steve Nash was on that 1993 Santa Clara team?" eric
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Aaaand unrelated (or perhaps, completely related) to the tournament: Tom needs to go Crean out his office.
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Looks like West Virginia has dialed in how much fouling they're allowed to get away with.
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Welp, I had made SDSU over Gonzaga as my 16-1 upset pick. Fail.
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WVU's defense doesn't work as good with tournament refs. Sad!
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Oh shit, my Middle Tennessee pick is looking all right
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I picked the wrong 5-12 upset.
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Oh, Vandy. 😱
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I was pulling for Northwestern over Vanderbilt, so I was happy with the outcome--but that was a pretty heartbreaking way to give up the deciding points.
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I note that the background color for Fanfare is, at least on my monitor, essentially Wildcat Purple.

Yay Cats.

Anybody else an alum?
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Undefeated teams in NCAA tournament history:
- Northwestern
- UC-Davis
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TV Tip: If in doubt, when you tune in, just root for the team in the colored jerseys (vs white jerseys). They're the lower-seeded team.
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Yay wildcats! A school I went to (only for grad though) finally advanced to round of 32!
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Watching VCU vs. St. Mary's (because winner plays Arizona as long as they get past North Dakota). Both these teams are scary.
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Any Kentucky fans in the house? Villanova? As long as we're all Wildcats here.
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St. Mary's with the rarely-seen "whiteout" lineup in the tournament. An asterisk applies, though, as apparently they're mostly Australian.
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Staff too. It stands out.
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Xavier is yet another vindication of my Catholicism weighting system in making bracket picks!
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A Kentucky fan here, carsonb, in a house with two UK grads. Basketball season is rough.
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Not that there's any real hope of this, but I would be tickled if Arizona ended up meeting Northwestern in a few rounds. Not only would it be Wildcats vs. Wildcats, but it's as close as I could ever see to a grad/undergrad institutional faceoff. (I did my undergrad at that other nerdy Chicago private university, but that'll definitely never happen)
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My partner's bracket for today only diverges from mine by one pick (I picked Arkansas; he picked Seton Hall; we both have our pick getting smushed by North Carolina). I'm up 2 from yesterday. Where we diverged: I picked Florida in their game against ETSU; I picked St. Mary's in their game against VCU; I picked Iowa and not Nevada, and my only 'mistake' was believing Northwestern couldn't win their first March Madness game ever. Go Wildcats.

Today, the only 'vital' games for us are the high-seeds not being upset (Duke, North Carolina, Baylor, UNC, Louisville; we both want Oregon to make it to the next round, at least) and Wichita winning. If that happens, our brackets will still be mostly intact.

My women's bracket is pretty chalk, so I'm hoping it's a chalky tournament.
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Currently in second place in the office bracket, with Northwestern and Gonzaga my two wrong picks. The guy in first place has gotten every pick right thus far, which is impressive. I see he picked MSU over Miami, which I think will be his undoing.
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the Mefi men's bracket has a 100% correct player as well, it's a great way to start.
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Holy hell, Michigan! Crazy game.
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Ark/Seton Hall: Reasonable people can argue whether that was truly a Flagrant I foul, but goddamn I hate it when a ref call determines the final outcome of an otherwise tight game.
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USC wins! I should have done a bracket with 4 Pac-12 teams in the Final Four....
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That WAS a flagrant foul, I don't think there is a good argument against that.

I think it's still reasonably called flagrant even in the context of deliberate late game fouls. That wasn't a hug at half-court or on the inbounds. It was a shove in the back of a guy kinda driving on the basket.

The Seton Hall player messed up. He tried to do the deliberate foul and he did it wrong. The net effect of his mistake was an extra turnover, which I think isn't totally out of line.

I DO think it woulda been better if the ref had called a common foul anyway, but.. I don't think it's a horrific injustice or the worst call ever or anything.
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SMU lost while I was typing that... I think that might be the first true upset of the tournament? Kenpom had SMU 77% to win.
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It's good that SMU lost, though, as it saves the NCAA the trouble of vacating actual tournament wins three years from now.
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This Wichita State / Dayton game is pretty fantastic.
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This is a very bad stretch by Miami.
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Wow. South Carolina is really running away with this one.
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~~~ WOO HOO ROUND OF 32 ~~~

The first round was short on chaos, but that means this round should be loaded with competitive games? None of those sad Cinderella letdown games, at least.

Except you, Northwestern. You're doomed. Though maybe not. Anything can happen. (It won't though; Gonzaga will win.)

Maybe some Vegas lines will be interesting to consider:
West Virginia Humans by 2.5
Villanova Cats by 6
Gonzaga Dogs by 10.5
Florida State Humans by 7
Butler Dogs by 3.5
Arizona Cats by 5.5
Florida Alligators by 2
Purdue "Actually, Boilermaker's Monster" by a nose hair.
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If Wisconsin takes this, I won't even be mad.
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I have had a soft spot for Wisconsin ever since their adorable fascination with stenography, but a Villanova loss would wreck my otherwise reasonably successful bracket.

Sports are the worst.
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Well, alrighty then. :/

I hope the Badgers take it all the way.
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Yay the badger!
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Yep. Go Badgers!
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I like upsets in general, but I dislike the Badgers and their brand of slow, goony basketball. This team seems slightly less goony than in the peak Bo Ryan "6-8 guys with buzz cuts" era, but still.

Anyway, the king is dead. March Madness!
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Wisconsin, notorious Wildcats-killer, strikes again!

I'm sweating bullets about the Arizona/St. Mary's game. The Gaels' center looks specifically trained to wreak havoc on the (AZ) Wildcats interior defense.
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Another Wildcats team down, but Northwestern looks like they gave Gonzaga a helluva game! I hope the trend doesn't continue to the next Wildcat game. =O
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Even though it would have completely busted my bracket (I have Gonzaga winning it all) I would have given just about anything for Northwestern to prevail. They really gave it their all.
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seen on twitter:

All-time NCAA Tournament winning percentages, purple wildcats division:
Kansas State .507
Northwestern .500
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Go Cats!
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My lady Wolfpack are still in! Which is awesomesauce, since almost everyone else we were rooting for has fallen out.

(We talking NIT anywhere?)
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I think it would be okay for NIT talk to go here. All I know about it is lol Syracuse.
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Pretty much, re: Syracuse. The entire first game the announcers were busy talking cash money shit about how this poor Syracuse team, they're so disappointed, they should have gone to the big dance, etc. Then, when they were busy mopping up my Spartans (we had a good year and a good end to the season and we are only losing a couple of seniors, we will be back), it was all, look at these Orangemen, couple more games and they're going to be in Madison Square Garden where they belong. It's no small amount of satisfaction to see them go out. :)

Otherwise, NIT wise, UTA is still in (and kicked BYU's ass, what a fun game that was to watch other than the refs not calling anything on BYU - how you hit someone in the face or knock someone on their butt, hands in the air because you know you did it, and not get a foul?) and TCU is still in, so while we're not too happy about how the big dance is going, my household is pretty satisfied with the NIT results so far.
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hands in the air because you know you did it

That has to be one of my "favorite" things that players do: when they have their arms up, but not actually quite straight up, and they foul because of that — then they stand there for awhile with their arms up incredulous, but like... clearly their arms are not straight up.
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I think it would be okay for NIT talk to go here. All I know about it is lol Syracuse.

Hells yeah, let's talk NIT! Mostly because I work for UAkron and we made it out of the first round! Go Zips!!!!!
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Woo Michigan!

(If you want a definition of karma, one of my UM grad school classmates who went to Lousiville for undergrad called Wagner a "typical Michigan punk" at the half.)
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I'm very much enjoying Wichita State's gritty style of play. They're not intimidated at all by the big bad Wildcats.
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Re: Michigan and Louisville, I think the bigger karmic debt is because THE BLOCK WAS FUCKING CLEAN

I'm still pissed about that.

My work bracket is set so that the Sweet Sixteen and Elite Eight wins are weighted by seed, so a win or two more by Michigan and I'm set. Go Blue!
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Precipitous drop in levels of Duke.
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Here is IMHO the best tweet roasting Duke.
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That tweet is a thing of beauty.

Was too busy doing other things...any trip action, or did dude learn his lesson at long last?
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I didn't see the whole game, but Grayson Allen stayed pretty much in the background.
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South Cackalacky redeems humanity, shames Duke. I really was hoping Allen would cry.
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No one here may care about about the WBI except for me, but our women won their game yesterday and are in the semifinals and I'm making flailing kermit hands this morning. :)
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The Duke loss has torched my bracket and I am so, so happy about it.

(It almost, though not quite, makes up for U.Va.'s horrendously embarrassing showing on Saturday.)
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Oh, no, @chainsofreedom, your Zips are playing the Mavs! I just hope this is a good game.

... also, who is that big guy on the court, and what the heck did y'all feed him?
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Who, Isaiah Johnson? They call him Big Dog. He has a wingspan of over 7 feet! Good game to UT-Arlington; although I know our guys don't want to leave yet and come back home to the snow.
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Yea, he was huge. And really good, dang. And y'all played a good game!
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... and we're playing Bakersfield and I think that frightens me.
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Go ducks! Use that Nike powah.
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Chris Boucher being injured might be devastating, they said. Oregon will struggle, they said.
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Oh well. My bracket is basically a three-car pileup at this point. Womp womp.
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The performances of Tyler Dorsey have certainly increased calls in Greek sports media to get him a spot in the national basketball team (though draft would complicate matters).
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Hey, check out Mississippi State!
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We're a little late to the game - we just got a chance to watch the game tonight - but what about those Horned Frogs?!?! :)
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Be careful, everybody. We're all in foul trouble tonight.
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And, here's One Shining Moment.
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Dangit. Between UConn losing on the women's side, and Gonzaga (my hope) losing to *the one team* my fiance correctly predicted would go far, I'm pretty sure I lost both first-chance (by one point) and second-chance brackets (by more than one point) against him.

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