Legends of Tomorrow: Fellowship of the Spear
March 22, 2017 5:26 AM - Season 2, Episode 15 - Subscribe

The Legends devise a plan to retrieve the last remaining fragments of the Spear of Destiny from the Legion of Doom...

...Attempting to destroy the Spear, they pull J.R.R. Tolkien from WWI trench warfare to locate the blood of Christ, but the plan is foiled by the Legion of Doom with new additional member pre-Legendary Leonard Snart, and Mick Rory switches sides.

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posted by oh yeah! (8 comments total)
Man, the other Legends sure did turn on poor Mick at precisely the moment they needed to be supportive of him. It was almost vindictive. I can't say I totally blame him for switching sides, particularly since the Legion had brought Snart Classic onto the board just to appeal to him. That's a hell of a signing bonus!
posted by Servo5678 at 7:02 AM on March 22, 2017 [3 favorites]

100% Team Mick, even though I fully expect him to regret his choices and try to reverse the reality-warp next week.

TEAM: Mick, we're concerned if given a choice you might pick Snart over us.
MICK: I would absolutely pick Snart over you, because I love him and you treat me like trash.
MICK: I'm picking Snart over you.
TEAM: GASP! SHOCK! Who could have seen this coming?!

I have missed Leonard Snart so much, and the scenes with Mick were just devastating. Dominic Purcell for MVP with Mick talking to Amaya about his family: "Don't play with fire, Mick." Oww oww oww.

I would take an episode next week of just Mick and Legion Len in a room together trying to feel each other out. But I will take Mick and Nate trying to Put The Band Back Together like they did in the season premiere.

I either want Leonard back for good or kinda want Mick to walk off with him into the sunset/timestream/speedforce for now. Breaking them up will both hurt too much and only serve to underscore that Captain Cold & Heat Wave are the longest-lasting married couple in the Flarrowverse.
posted by nicebookrack at 11:33 AM on March 22, 2017 [5 favorites]

I wanted them to go back in time and stab Baby Jesus with the spear. They've never cared about the timeline before, why start now?
posted by FallowKing at 5:11 PM on March 22, 2017 [3 favorites]

This episode started off so strongly and then it just went crashing downhill like a runaway freight train.

I was thrilled we finally got to see Firestorm use their transmutation power. It's about time. Much more of this please!

The person doing Amaya's make-up needs to put down the heavy yellow-based foundation. It was so badly mismatched to her skin that it was completely distracting.

Okay, now for my weekly rant about the stupidity of the plot and the team's ill-conceived concept of time travel. Look, just because Tolkien was in the neighbourhood of Christ's blood during the Battle of the Somme doesn't mean that's the only time and place where the Legends can pick him up. Surely they can figure out where he was at some later point in his history (like say in a university library or lecture hall) and go there. It's not that they're limited by geography, they've got a flying space-time ship, they can hop over the Channel in a heartbeat. The same can be said for searching for Gawain's body and for the relic itself. They can do it at any other time prior to the War (and I say prior, just to make sure what they wanted wasn't destroyed in battle.)

I've said it before but I had begun to believe that this version of Rip isn't "the worst"--I loved his approach to starting the ceasefire. Except now I'm starting to think he's just as bad as he was before, except that somehow his terribleness has cursed the team and turned them into bigger idiots than they've ever been before. Nothing they did made any sense from the big decisions to the small ones (They think Mick is the best person to do recon in the field hospital and skipped sending him to the trenches?).

I'll stand by what everybody else has said about the team treating Mick badly in this episode, which is so annoying. Until this point, they had been making progress of integrating Mick into the team and showing that he had developed friendly relationships with Haircut, Amaya, and even Stein to some degree. Now, because the plot demands it, that's all thrown out the window, so they can turn on him so he, in turn, can return to his villainous roots. (Which, come on, we all know he's going to abandon to return to the team.)

I know I keep repeating myself on these DCCW posts, but there is no reason these shows have to be so stupid. They can be fun and light and silly and still make (at least a little) sense.
posted by sardonyx at 10:22 PM on March 22, 2017 [1 favorite]

I'm so happy to have Snart back (evil even), I don't much care. Yay Snart!

But yeah, pretty stupid to slam Mick in that moment. Where's a nice rousing "sure, you're a bad guy, but you're OUR bad guy" when you need it?
posted by jenfullmoon at 7:42 PM on March 23, 2017 [1 favorite]

Why can't they just make a Snart show? Is he tied up contractually somewhere else?
posted by about_time at 8:09 AM on March 26, 2017

No, both he and Barrowman have some kind of contract that lets them float around and guest on all four shows!
posted by jenfullmoon at 2:15 PM on March 26, 2017

I got the impression that Miller wanted the floating/recurring guest star contract over the Legends S1 series regular gig, for health reasons (due to his struggles with depression)? Anyway, those of us in Wentworth Miller/Dominic Purcell withdrawal this season will at least have the sure-to-be-bonkers Prison Break revival to look forward to on April 4th.
posted by oh yeah! at 4:17 PM on March 26, 2017

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