Grimm: Zerstörer Shrugged
March 24, 2017 6:47 PM - Season 6, Episode 12 - Subscribe

The prophecy that was uncovered comes to pass when a dark force arrives in Portland with its eyes set on Diana...

...In an effort to protect her, Nick, along with Capt. Renard and Adalind returns to the scene of his first investigation as a Grimm. Back at the Spice Shop, Monroe, Eve and Rosalee make a discovery that uncovers the origins of the mysterious stick. Meanwhile, Hank and Wu are called to a crime scene that is connected to the gang's greatest threat. (Also, Trubel returns to Portland with news that every Black Claw cell has been wiped out, and Eve's hexenbeist seems to have been left behind in the Other Place.)

"You shall break them with a rod."--Psalm 2

EW recap - "Did that really… happen… in the last three minutes? Because if so, I reject it in the absolute. THE ABSOLUTE."
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I too reject this timeline. I mean, I know they want to go out with a bang and all for the finale, but, no, it is really going to suck if Nick can't/doesn't undo those deaths with his piece of the staff. I'm going to stay in the denial stage of grief until next week.

Anyway, I enjoyed the rest of the episode. Was so glad they brought Trubel back to town, and laughed out loud at her throwaway line about Black Claw having been defeated entirely, and completely off-screen. And I thought the casting for Zerstoerer was great; he was uber-creepy doing his learning-English-by-mimicry, and can give Renard a run for his money in the shirtless department.

But, no, just no. I don't want this show ending in big tragic deaths. (And I especially don't want them killing off just the non-white actors, for fuck's sake, show.)
posted by oh yeah! at 7:16 PM on March 24, 2017

There was some major winking towards The Terminator in this episode, I thought.

it is really going to suck if Nick can't/doesn't undo those deaths with his piece of the staff

Ooooh, but: what if Nick defeats the Zerstoerer and gets all of the staff? That's gotta have Wu'n'Hank-revivin' powers, right?
posted by We had a deal, Kyle at 10:14 PM on March 24, 2017

Those characters are wearing heavy plot armor, to be revived next week. Thought this was another strong episode, and that the child actress was very good.
posted by joseph conrad is fully awesome at 10:24 PM on March 24, 2017

Prediction: Renard + Adelind + kids -- with the baby revealing some startling Grimm+Hexenbiest crossover powers -- end up defeating the Zerstoerer. Adelind dies in the fight. Nick is re-united with the now-depowered Juliette. He clicks the Stick back into its crack in the Staff and looks at it purposefully. Roll credits.

Post-credits scene: Nick lowers the glowing Staff; previously-dead Wu and Hank sit bolt upright and draw a deep breath. Grimm logo; production card. THE END.
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AV Club:
[Trubel] wins the award for Most Laughably Overt Dismissal Of Plot with her matter-of-fact pronunciation “Black Claw’s done, the war’s over.”
also, in the comments:
Trubel is back, finally! Jacqueline Toboni did a facebook chat today & teased that [possibly-spoilery-speculation]. She also repeatedly said that she would love to do the rumored Trubel spinoff, if the fans wanted it...
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I'm sitting on the couch, my wife's in her chair, I've got a nice beer and a plate of crackers and cheese and watching the penultimate episode of one of our favorite shows, and right when Trubel explains that Black Claw is defeated the local news breaks in with a weather alert. And when they finish and go back to the show, the first thing I see is Wu dying in Nick's arms and Hank getting stabbed through the throat.

What the fresh hell. I came *this* close to throwing a beer bottle through the TV.

I'm assuming they're coming back, this has never been that type of show. But what a way to see it.
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I don't know, I'm having trouble hanging onto my denial this morning. I mean, when the Zerstoerer made the staff glow before he left the gas station, it seemed like maybe he was starting to search for Diana. But then we get the reveal that Nick's stick is the last piece of the staff, and the Zerstoerer appeared at the police station, so, was he using the staff to find the stick? Will Nick have enough time to do anything with the stick before Zerstoerer grabs it from him? Or will the episode start with the staff getting fully restored, so that things are at their direst before the big final showdown between him and the remnants of Team Grimm?
posted by oh yeah! at 8:49 AM on March 25, 2017

Given David Greenwalt's involvement I shouldn't be surprised that I got a major Scooby Gang vibe from the scene at the spice shop with the books.

I liked the call back to the cabin in the woods from Episode 1. But when they tucked Diana in the bed all I could think was it had to be full of mice or something. It's been 5 years, that basement would be crawling with critters.

It case it threw anyone else for a loop. Oregon has a law against self-serve gas stations. You have to have an attendant pump your gas.

My first thought when Wu was stabbed was quick Nick use the stick. Then no don't the Zerstoerer will steal it. Then what are you doing, he's right behind you. This goes on for a full 20 seconds. So either the whole thing wasn't real or the Zerstoerer was polite enough to wait for Nick to get back up. (Have I mentioned I hate TV time).
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I miss the trailer full of stuff and lore. That was cool.
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What ever happened to the magic key map? The image remains in the credits. Seemed like a cool long range plot device, the show has such great moments and twists but it does seem like it's in "Lost" writers land where making it all up as they go along for the next creepy storybook monster is all that counts.
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They solved the map to find the location of the Stick in the Black Forest.
posted by We had a deal, Kyle at 7:08 AM on March 26, 2017

Theory: the Zerstorer doesn't simply blast Nick because it's not exactly sure where the stick is - just that Nick has it. In the next ep, we will see it go over and pick Nick up to do an interrogation/cavity search, giving Nick a chance to get a shot in, maybe aided by the Scooby Gang who have shown up to help. Then he brings Wu and Hank back to life before destroying the stick forever.
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Oh, and an epilog of "one year later" where members of the gang are adorably babysitting Rosalee and Monroe's babies.

Fin. Roll credits.
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In case anyone else was trying to remember where else they might have seen the actor who plays Z's human form: he played Will Simpson (spoilers) on Jessica Jones.
posted by homunculus at 5:13 PM on March 29, 2017

(And I especially don't want them killing off just the non-white actors, for fuck's sake, show.)

Yeah. I finally watched it today. I had gathered that a main character was going to die, so I figured it had to be either Hank or Wu because neither of them is white, but I wasn't expecting it to be both of them. FFS.
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The Zerstorer actor, Wil Traval, might also be familiar because he's Keith/Sheriff of Nottingham in Once Upon a Time and Christopher Chance / Human Target in Arrow.
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on rewatch, this hits more heavily if you've been binge-watching:
her throwaway line about Black Claw having been defeated entirely, and completely off-screen
The Big Bad you spent a season building up? the Big Bad that was going to take over the whole world? Nope, not doing that story. We're doing angry devil guy.

(and I mean I get it, they had an ending to get to and couldn't finish the Black Claw plot, but man; the arc of Grimm is littered with dead-ends.)
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