My Brother, My Brother And Me: MBMBaM 348: Stardust and Dino Piss
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Happy second week of the MaxFunDrive! Everyone has been absolutely killing it! Let's finish strong with an episode that, no shit, starts with an in-depth, 15-minute-long discussion about Craig T. Nelson's body of work. Suggested talking points: Craig Twitter Nelson, The Life-Changing Magic of Not Owning Tables, Beltblaster, Willem Dafoe in the Upside-Down, Cell-Free Dads, Vampire Times, ;), All Drinks are Water
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Got a lot of laugh out louds from this one!
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Our boys are interviewed on Bullseye this week, too!
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Is pre-belting really such an oddity?
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I ran out of podcasts to listen to, on account of having a job now which affords way more time to listen to stuff while I work. So I tried this out as my first episode. Laughed my arse off at my desk.
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I have Feelings about tables!
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also "how did people know how to meet in Vampire Times?" I just died. I am 10000% dead of laughing.
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In the Vampire Times goof, Travis had an unacknowledged joke about "getting a bite" at a public house. Once I started hearing the unacknowledged goofs I couldn't stop finding them.
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I loved hearing about Justin's momentary, "I have a television show too," thought about going up to Craig T. Nelson, and I loved Griffin's "Social Anxiety, Ahoy" total veto just hearing that described after the fact.

So glad Travis admitted to not knowing about the "All drinks are water" Yahoo. I felt the same way and was embarrassed to be on the same side as the Yahoo questioner.
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If you want to have a very McElroy filled day, there is going to be a live stream of all of the Monster Factory creations remade in a WWE game and battling it out at 2pm eastern today!
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