Forever: Pilot
September 23, 2014 2:20 PM - Season 1, Episode 1 - Subscribe

A medical examiner who's seen it all gets caught up in a train crash investigation.

I've experienced many ends, but only one beginning -- Nowhere to go but up -- Sometimes after a violent death, a man needs a period of time to wallow -- The toxin in his blood is still potent -- Maybe we were robbed? -- We don't have a warrant -- It's working it's way into your bloodstream -- I'm the least judgmental person you'll ever meet -- Maybe he wanted to make it soluble -- Perhaps I was a bit overzealous -- I thought you both fell off that roof -- Have you heard of a sword
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Not impressed. Cartoonish plot, two-dimensional characters, waste of a lead. I wish network shows could be more interesting.
posted by computech_apolloniajames at 6:26 PM on September 23, 2014

I really wanted this to be like a continuation of New Amsterdam. It was somehow a remake, while being as boring as possible. I hope it's cancelled soon.
posted by Margalo Epps at 6:47 PM on September 23, 2014

Aww, I loved New Amsterdam! Oh well.
posted by the man of twists and turns at 7:07 PM on September 23, 2014

Just finished watching tonight's ep, and I doubt I'll continue with it, even though I've loved watching the lead actor since Horatio Hornblower. I think my favorite bit was the twist at the end of the pilot: Judd Hirsch being his adopted son. :-)
posted by worldswalker at 7:55 PM on September 23, 2014

I also really wanted to like it, but it seemed to be a cheap knock-off of other, better series and movies. I couldn't really like the characters all that much, and the elements that it borrowed were redone poorly. (I also miss New Amsterdam.)
posted by moira at 8:22 PM on September 23, 2014

A show about immortals with no decapitations? Bah.
posted by homunculus at 9:23 PM on September 23, 2014 [2 favorites]

Nthing missing New Amsterdam.

My biggest problem was the circumstances of his return from death. Is it that one particular body of water? (I'm not familiar with NY, is that Hudson Bay?) So from his death centuries ago he has been appearing in NY? Is it the closest body of water? What does he do when the cops fingerprint him? Computers are a thing, you know. What if the water is frozen over, does he keeping dying for weeks or months? If he dies in Sweden does he return to NY?

All this suggests some type of intelligence. Simply not dying could be a mutation. But being reborn suggests gods or aliens. There's nowhere else to go. This is not science, not evolution. The show doesn't appear to be willing to address the reason why, so it is effectively doomed without a center around which it can build a fanbase.

Unless, of course, there's a dome involved.
posted by Ik ben afgesneden at 4:29 AM on September 24, 2014

This show is indeed pretty terrible, but I am still going to watch all of it before its inevitable untimely demise. Because I have terrible taste.

Mostly it's just making me miss New Amsterdam and Highlander though. Forever is thus far a mash up of a bunch of different tropes I love, only all put together in a mediocre new whole.
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I do like that there is no explanation for Henry's immortality, and I hope they have no plans to pull a Planet Zeist later. And though I found Henry's Sherlock Holmes-ing unbearably irritating, I liked him when he was in panic mode at the prospect of being discovered.

But, yeah, this is a derivative Frankenstein of a genre series, and I expect it will be off the schedule before too long, but I'm going to stick with it. (I did think that the second episode was somewhat better than the pilot, though not enough to use up a day's posting privilege on it.)
posted by oh yeah! at 5:56 PM on September 25, 2014

I thought that taunting the newly-arrived police officer ("I see you're both an alcoholic and your husband recently died. Oh well.") was unbelievably cruel. I was hoping she'd punch him in his smarmy face.

That being said, I did laugh at the "Kill me now" line.
posted by Mogur at 8:22 AM on September 26, 2014

The opening scene made me think I was watching Sherlock Holmes: PUA.

Yeah, pretty bad all around. Unironic 'enhance' scene. Really shoehorned in attempts at giving Morgan those Holmesian powers. Police letting a potential suspect fuck around with his own case.
posted by ursus_comiter at 8:52 PM on September 26, 2014

I dunno, I found myself being amused. It's so New Amsterdam meets Dexter's first season. His best friend/in on the secret guy is his son? Check. Someone else is "just like you" and sending creepy stalker shit. Check. I am, however, amused at how he kills himself to feel what the victims did and get clues. It's like Sherlock Holmes from hell. Makes not much sense (neither did New Amsterdam), but I guess it's rolling with it.

Eh, gonna go try the second episode now.
posted by jenfullmoon at 7:00 PM on October 3, 2014

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