S-Town: Chapter V
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"Nobody'll ever change my mind about it."
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"We ain't nothin but a nation of goddamn chickenshit horseshit tattle-tale pissy-ass whiney, fat, flabby out-of-shape Facebook-lookin damn twerk-fest, peekin out the windows and slippin around listenin in on the cell phones and spyin in the peephole and peepin in the crack of the goddamn door and listenin to the fuckin [illegible]*, you know Mr. Putin please, show some fuckin mercy - I mean c'mon drop the fuckin bomb won't you." - John B. McLemore

*sheet rock? shit rock? ....anyone with a better knack than me for hearing?
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"I got to get some tea."
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I heard "sheet rock." He may be referring to pressing your ear against a wall to hear what's going on in the adjacent room.
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Oh, John was A Character.

On the one hand, this episode argues pretty well for both Tyler and the cousins seeing the other as interfering gold digging carpetbaggers.

On the other hand, cutting off his nipples to get his nipple rings out?!?! Ewwwwwwwwwwwww, lady.
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Yeah, I was kind of buying Rita's story until the nipple rings. That's not normal.

I really adore these people. I really adore Tyler's grandmother. I 100% buy that this is a total shit town, but it sure is filled with interesting characters.
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I went on a four hour drive today so I could binge listen up to this episode.

I was team Tyler until this one. He made Rita sound terrible throughout the series, but hearing things from her side and that she'd visited regularly before and maybe "momma" wasn't being cared for properly and all the outrageous things Tyler said about it being ok to cut a person's fingers off, I'm starting to think Tyler isn't as smart as John thought, and is making a series of terrible decisions without reflecting on any of it, and that John was desperately trying to help him fix his life up before it got too out of hand but it's a bit too far gone now.

Of course, Rita has her own conspiracies that sound bananas to me, but the law is on her family's side and her stories sound a lot more credible.

(I'm sure that's what the producers of the show intended through editing and maybe next episode makes Tyler out to be a saint, you never know what twists they'll toss into this show)
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At first I was team Tyler, then I was team Rita - now I think they both sound awful.
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Yes, both awful. Classic dysfunctional bullshit hustle.
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Another great episode. Gave me a more nuanced understandings of the characters and made me wonder whether John was taking good care of her.

It's still remarkable Tyler had no filter (re: talking about cutting off the fingers); likely enabled by the fact that he wasn't familiar with NPR or even heard of serial before agreeing to be a part of this.

That the town clerk is lied about calling the phone numbers before the funeral also leads me to wonder whether she and the lawyer are less honest than what we know so far.

(sidetrack: is it just my perception or is s-town receiving a lot less press than either season of serial? My hunch is yes because more people (both media consumers and producers)'s attention is on the Trump presidency.
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(sidetrack: is it just my perception or is s-town receiving a lot less press than either season of serial? My hunch is yes because more people (both media consumers and producers)'s attention is on the Trump presidency.

I agree that it's getting less press, but I don't think it's because Trump is sucking the oxygen out of the room. I think it's a variety of things:
1 -- Serial was a "new" thing to a lot of peoplel how many times was it called the first breakout podcast?
2 -- S-Town is specifically not being branded as The New Serial.
3 -- There's a little bit of mystery, but not quite "Did this guy in prison actually commit the crime?" or "How did this big huge case that you've heard about really happen?"
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is s-town receiving a lot less press than either season of serial?

Yes, but I think it's entirely a factor of not being released serially. The fact that each epsiode of Serial had an entire week to curdle, leaving a lot of open questions, while people furiously Googled and cooked up their own case theories built a slow buzz that became exponential.
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My prediction right now is that the cops took the gold.
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