S-Town: Chapter VI
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"Since everyone around here thinks I'm a queer anyway."
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This may have been my favorite episode. Olan (sp?) is so thoughtful, vulnerable, stoic, wise. He so articulates loneliness and longing and intimacy. It's beautiful, and I felt I was in the room with him.
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I'm astounded by the reporting they were able to do here. This guy Olan with his encyclopedic memory of every conversation -- what an astounding find.

Their discussions of Brokeback Mountain and their personal connection to that material was absolutely beautiful. I was mesmerized by that part. That movie was such a gift to so many queer people at that time. It was wonderful to reflect on.
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I don't know what to make of this. It was poignant, and yet I sorta agree with the Vox article here because while I think John probably would have enjoyed the hell out of having a podcast about himself, he might not have wanted to go THIS far about it.
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Wow. The way Brain Reed's voice breaks on that last line...I just can't...
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“Intimacy is the feeling that I can tell another person my thoughts and my behaviors without fear of judgment.”
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Ok, this one hit me seriously hard. Open sobbing hard. Whew.
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