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March 31, 2017 9:07 AM - Season 2, Episode 4 - Subscribe

Cato and Noah must face the choices they've made to get where they are, while Elizabeth struggles to find her place in the cause.
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We step aside from the stories of Ernestine, Rosalee, Patty Canon and August Pullman, and instead are reunited with Cato, who survived his ordeal has grown wealthy by ... means.
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Vulture recap: Fight for Your Right - From the recap "In some scenes, I admittedly still get lost as to what time and place this show’s taking place. Just me?"

Glad it's not just me. I don't think the flashback structure is benefiting the season; I guess it's supposed to build suspense, but mostly it just confuses me. Not so much the obvious flashbacks, like Ernestine's last week. But not so much with the jumping around between events in one episode. And did we get any real explanation for how Cato managed to get to freedom with all the money.

I'm still invested in the characters, but I feel kind of adrift in the story as compared to season 1.
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