Sailor Moon: Tuxedo Mask
September 23, 2014 5:37 PM - Season 1, Episode 6 - Subscribe

Tuxedo Mask is on TV, Luna shows off the wine cellar that she had installed under the arcade, and everyone in the entire city shrugs off being possessed by demons once again.
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Worth noting that this episode is, according to my wife, the first major departure from the original series in this remake.

Also, seriously, what is it with this show and the way that they seem to have a precocious nine-year-old's idea of "foreshadowing"? Like they aren't actually allowed to foreshadow anything that's farther away than "later this episode," and it just winds up being super obvious.
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I like that the senshi actually had the basic intelligence to ask "Hey, Sailor V looks like us, and is a superhero. Maybe she's a senshi as well?"

And my reaction to Usagi getting the staff was "Gee Luna, do you have any other potentially life-saving gear lying around for us? Can we have it now, or do we have to level up first?"
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Did anyone else notice a lot of weirdly-framed closeups in this episode? The animation seems to be getting better, but I was really thrown off by all the shots of someone's cheek or chin or shoe.
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Oh man, yeah, that was totally a thing we noticed too. It was like what Roger Ebert had said about Starship Troopers, how the director had noticed that sometimes people tilt the camera, but didn't understand why.
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Why was Usagi concerned about Tuxedo Mask knowing she was Sailor Moon when it was clear he already knew?
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Given that she hasn't noticed that this guy who she is CONSTANTLY BUMPING INTO while WEARING A TUXEDO is the same person as Tuxedo Mask, I feel like it's safe to assume that it doesn't occur to Usagi that others might be capable of identifying someone as still being the same person, even when dressed slightly differently, and that he might still not know (even though, y'know, he had already tracked her down)
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I can't quite tell what's happening in the world of this show. Like ... is it a reality where everyone is just like "Oh, demon buses and getting possessed are just day-to-day life" or ... I don't know.

But as someone who has been "Why do I keep watching this show every other week?" for the most part, this was the first one that I felt like I understood why I watched it. It's silly fun. Plus, that secret base Luna had under the arcade was pretty cool.

There are so many things that don't make sense still (and I say this as someone who was a huge Sailor Moon fan to the point I dressed up as Sailor Moon one Halloween) but it's finally finding its voice. Having more of the Sailor Guardians along helps a ton, too.
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this television program about a teenage superhero with a talking cat is very silly and unrealistic
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I sort of love how incredibly stupid this show can be, but in an innocent and silly sort of way and not the CHECK OUT HOW AWESOOOOOME THIS IIIIIIIS way that G Gundam and JoJo's Bizarre Adventure are so good at
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