Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Marijuana Legalization
April 5, 2017 9:12 PM - Season 4, Episode 7 - Subscribe

So what happened last week?
  • The Trump/Putin scandal continues, which the show has dubbed Stupid Watergate, because "it has all the potential consequences of Watergate, but everyone involved is really stupid." This week time it was Devin Nunez, whose claims of wiretapping Trump officials unraveled. Nunez himself was one of those alleged to have been wiretapped, a conflict of interest for an investigator.
  • British PM Theresa May invokes Article 50, beginning the process of leaving the European Union.
  • And Now: Yet Another Look at the Awkward Sex Talk on CBS This Morning.
  • Main Story: Marijuana legalization, or rather, how its differing legality at state and national levels causes grave problems for businesses and users alike. YouTube (17m)
  • And Now: Twenty-Seven Seconds of the Breakfast Foreplay That Is CBS This Morning.
  • Finally, more of the Bolivian Traffic Zebras, who responded graciously to John Oliver's gushing about them in the previous episode.

Stupid Watergate: "It could very well take down the government, but nobody involved understands why, or how to cover it up, or what the government fucking is, or possibly how to breathe without getting regular reminders."
The United Kingdom: "The country whose most beloved children's book is about a friendless child who thinks a bear with an eating disorder and a depressed donkey are talking to him."
Nigel Farage: "former UKIP leader and current spokesmodel for Smug Dickhead Moisturizer, the moisturizer that gives you that smug dickhead glow." "Every time one of Nigel's Farage's dreams comes true, somewhere in the world an angel gets diaherria."

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If John Oliver ever writes a memoir, possible titles will include And Now This and I Swear This is True.

Those CBS This Morning clips always make me want to hurl.
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Really? I'm sort of charmed that Charlie is so tickled by the sex talk on CBS This Morning.
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