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Archibald is courted by the Blossoms while Alice and her mother try to dig into the doings of their family rival, and Veronica befriends a classmate whose family was hurt by her father's illegal financial management.
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So this episode might be titled as an allusion to a French war film from 1937, which in turn was based on an English book that argued that war is futile because of the common economic interests of all European nations.

"Here, Ethyl, take the guilt gifts my dad gave to me when he did something wrong." Oh, Ronnie, don't you see?
You're being your father's surrogate. And by the end of the episode, she might actually see that.

Otherwise: SO MUCH DRAMA. SO much.
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I enjoyed this episode more than the last couple, even though Archie being so central to the plot dragged it down a bit.

Still, when the episode started with that Maple Syrup montage, I knew this was going to be a winner. Other episode highlights for me:

- Veronica's slow mo breakdown, dramatic pearl necklace ripping, and then collapsing into Betty's waiting arms. Never change, Riverdale.

- Every scene involving the Blossoms. Cheryl in particular was in fine form. That "Looking very DILF-y" line to Fred Andrews, her Maple Red lipstick, all of it, really. I also continually marvel at how she manages to pull off some of those really florid, awkward pieces of dialogue without it being a complete train wreck.

- Alice Cooper. Brick through the window. YES.

- Val dumping Archie. I mean, she was pretty much the only thing that made him remotely interesting, but he totally deserved it, and I'm glad she wasn't willing to take that crap from him. I just hope this doesn't mean we're heading towards a Betty/Veronica/Archie love triangle plot any time soon.
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AND I just noticed the tags. They're amazing, filthy light thief. Well done. I think "Murder Board" might be my favorite.
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Also, I guess I was right about Polly choosing to go live with the Blossoms because of a secret revenge mission. And I also seem to have correctly predicted there was going to be a maple syrup inheritance plot due to lack of a male heir.

So, now, let's make some more predictions! Does anyone think Hiram Lodge is Jason's killer? It feels too obvious to me, although it doesn't seem like something he would have any ethical objections. I hope we don't find out Hermione is secretly the criminal mastermind behind it all.

But what about Betty's father? Now, we don't have any evidence that he's the murdering type (in fact, Alice seems to think he's very much not), but I feel like his revenge motivation is stronger and more personal than Hiram's. After all, doesn't this Cooper/Blossom feud go back to Grandfather Blossom murdering Grandfather Cooper? And maybe once he gave up on "making an appointment" so Polly could have her pregnancy "taken care of", perhaps he decided that he could use Polly's pregnancy to take over the Blossom Maple Syrup dynasty. After all, since apparently the Blossoms live in the 19th century, if Polly has a boy, that would make her child the Blossom heir, I guess. Or something.

Although the Blossom parents seems pretty evil, I don't think they murdered Jason, especially after we see in this episode how much that threw off their line of succession or whatever.
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Right now it's looking like Cheryl did it.
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I binge watched this whole series last night and as a lifelong Archie fan I actually really enjoy this! Veronica is my favourite, she tries so hard to be good despite everything (and I see a lot of myself in her).

What I don't understand is how Alice is suddenly so easily forgiven given how cruel and manipulative she was towards her kids early in the series. Why would Betty be really into Polly coming home with a mother that sent her away? No one's going to really talk about that?!
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I say this in every thread, but I love this show. I used to hate Cheryl, but she is seriously growing on me. All the extended Blossom family really, with their crazy color matching reds and purples.

Also, did anyone else notice Alice Cooper's coral pants in the opening scene? And what kind of computer are they using in the newspaper office? It had a big CRT monitor but also what appeared to be a modern USB keyboard.

Oh and do maple syrup barons really drink shots of the stuff as a family activity?
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I'm not convinced "maple syrup barons" is a thing that actually exists, so sure, why not.
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My main takeaway if this episode is that people in California who make TV apparently think the maple syrup season starts in late fall. My suspension of disbelief went as far as "old money maple syrup barons" but no further, apparently.
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