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April 14, 2017 5:28 PM - Season 1, Episode 10 - Subscribe

Archie hides his true feelings about his parents' divorce; Betty decides to throw Jughead a surprise birthday party; Veronica contemplates whether to participate in the deposition to help get her Dad released.
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Another rather enjoyable episode, despite the lack of creepy maple syrup barons. Some favorite moments:

- Veronica and Cheryl's dance/cheer battle


- Kevin and Joaquin finally getting some screen time.

- Archie drunk dialing his dad. Because of course Archie would drunk dial his dad.

- Jughead punching Chuck.

- The return of Dark Betty. And also Betty acknowledging that there is actually a Dark Betty.

I really am so here for everything that this show has to offer.
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WAIT how could I forget one of my favorite moments:

- Betty's creepy Happy Birthday song.
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On a someone more serious note, Jughead is growing on me more after this episode. I guess maybe it's because Jughead and I have so many things in common: drunk dads, dysfunctional families, hatred of birthdays. Oh, and I too would be happy to date Betty.

But I'm still totally here for the Betty/Veronica shipping. Also, I think it would be more interesting if ultimately they made Jughead asexual as he apparently is in the comics. Asexuality is so incredibly underrepresented, and I actually think this show might be able to handle that without it being a trainwreck.

I'm not looking forward to the impending Betty/Veronica/Archie love triangle flaring up again.

And how great was Veronica's verbal take down of Cheryl and the whole twincest murder plot monologue? I also love how much Kevin loves that kind of thing.

Also, you know the moment when they should have called off the party? When Archie decided it was a good idea. Literally anything Archie things is a good idea is destined to be a terrible idea.
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I empathize so hard with Jughead that I had to pause and come back later when Cheryl and Co showed up to the party after he talked about how he was wired differently.
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Literally anything Archie things is a good idea is destined to be a terrible idea.

What about Archie's dad and mom not getting a divorce? Now we get to see Molly Ringwald as his mother! Of course, it could all go wrong.
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Serious business here, if Betty and Jughead's Hollywood power couple name is "Bughead", then what is Veronica and Archie's? I saw "Varchie" mentioned but that sucks. Archonica? Sounds like a Protoss encyclopedia. Verchie? Sounds like a new type of STI that only millennials get. Ronchie? Haha haha haha. OK I think I am done.
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Apparently I am two days too late with the Ronchie thing. :(
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Anyone else get the feeling that Archie is the main character (of sorts) just because they kinda have to, and that the show is really more about the other, more interesting focal characters? Like, I think Betty is a much better and richer protag for the show, when you get down to what their characters do.
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If anyone has the ability and literally thousands of hours of free time, I would like to see Archie just removed from every scene in the show like the Garfield minus Garfield comic.
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DARK BETTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This made me squeal so hard.

So, Jug, you thought your girl was too perfect and blonde and cheerleader-y to end up with wrong side of the tracks boy? Hahahahahahaah.

The Jughead sweater. Wow. Also, he took his hat off! There's something under there!

Thank you, Veronica, for calling out the possible twincest we've all wondered about.
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Jughead's "That was haunting" to Betty after her birthday song was the funniest this show has managed so far.
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