Sense8: Fear Never Fixed Anything
May 6, 2017 7:21 PM - Season 2, Episode 5 - Subscribe

Bug hits on a solution to Nomi's legal troubles, new cracks begin to appear in Kala's perfect life, and the Sensates consider a bold change of plans.

*The cluster grieves as they realize Jonas is dead.
*Capheus is approached by representatives of the Kenyan Democratic Reform Party who, impressed by his interview at the tv-station, want him to run for office.
*Sun goes to her old teacher's place, and is reunited with her dog.
*Amanita identifies Angelica's electronics supplier from the photos in Raoul's room, finds that it's still a supplier for the University of Chicago. Bug suggests the solution to Nomi's fugitive-status problem is for him to contact "the guy" to arrange for an E-Death which will redact her from all law enforcement agencies.
*Kala talks to her father in his restaurant, about her unhappiness with adult life.
*Sun is awoken by her dog, showers, is well-fed by her teacher. Seeing Joong-ki on the news imploring that she "do the right thing" by turning herself in makes her punch out the tv.
*Capheus puts on suit jacket and goes to the NTV building to ask for Zakia. Some guys by the front desk mock him, asking if Zakia made up his speeches for him, and telling him that he has no chance with her because she's rumored to be a lesbian.
*Whispers visits Will, does some monologueing about his mission.
*At Kala's family dinner, Manendra will not be distracted from talking politics at Sanyam.
*Lito, Hernando, and Dani go through the stack of scripts and find they're all terrible. There is also an invite for an all-expenses-paid trip to be marshall of the Sao Paolo Pride parade.
*Nomi, Amanita, and Bug go to a movie theater to meet "the guy". The movie is one of Lito's, and Bug fanboys out when he learns he's part of Nomi's cluster.
*"The guy" appears is in a Guy Fawkes/Anonymous mask. He knows who Nomi is, says he knows all about homo sensorium and BPO, and gives her a USB key-thing for E-Death, in exchange for some future assistance.
*Kala interrupts Ajay showing Rajan plans for a new building, to tell Rajan that she wants to go over reports with him, that she's finding inconsistencies between their drug samples and the quality reports. Rajan says not to worry about it, that what matters most is that they ship to their customers on time.
*Wolfgang goes to Fuchs' for a meeting, but Lila is there alone, but Wolfgang says he's tired of her games and leaves.
*Woojin shows up at Sun's teacher's place to ask about her. Says he's never forgotten their bout, but hadn't known who she was because she competed under a different name (which her teacher explains was because her father disapproved of women fighting). Woojin leaves the teacher his card.
*Bug, Nomi, and Amanita use the E-Death key, and find that all the warrants/BOLOs/etc. are redacted.
*Lito goes back to the flirty-bartender bar, and orders 8 tequilas. The bartender thanks him, says that Lito's kiss inspired him to get up the courage to propose to his boyfriend.
*Will says he's tired of feeling like a fugitive, says that the only way that BPO can have such vast resources is if the population of homo sensorium is bigger than they imagined. After some debate, they decide to take Riley's friend, Vincent, up on his offer to do help Riley do an unannounced DJ appearance. Onstage, Riley speaks to the audience, and appears to find at least one sensate in the crowd, before the police arrive, and Riley & Will escape by motorboat.
*Nomi: "Your life is either defined by the system.. or by the way you defy the system."
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Well, I always knew Rajan's father was an asshole, but, insulting Kala's father aka the world's nicest man? Damn. And I'm curious to see what the deal is going to be with Ajay. Or the discrepancies Kala found in the drug company reports. Will it all circle back to BPO somehow?

But my main takeaway from this episode is... Sun got her dog back!!! (made me cry, anyway)
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*"The guy" appears is in a Guy Fawkes/Anonymous mask.

Also, of course, popularized by V for Vendetta. The movie version of which was produced by the Wachowskis, who also wrote the screenplay.
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Sun's dog running was the best thing.

I'm confused about "What's Going On" being the "All Along The Watchtower" (cf. Battlestar Galactica) for sensates but they really worked to sell it.
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"What's Up", I mean.
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I was glad they finally gave Riley something to do besides babysit Will. It felt like she was being underserved, plotwise, this season up to this point.
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Angelica's gear was made by Abrasax which is the evil intergalactic family in Jupiter Ascending.
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I had a great moment when The Doctor showed up at the end of this ep. I said Holy Shit! right before he did and really confused my wife :)
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I'm confused about "What's Going On" being the "All Along The Watchtower" (cf. Battlestar Galactica) for sensates but they really worked to sell it.

I loathe this song, but it really does work.
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That was a bit incoherent.
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heh, I was also greatly amused by recognizing a Doctor. the Scottish accent is also great because the latest one, the 12th, is Scottish.

Agree that Riley is getting a chance to shine here, and for those wondering what her contribution is to the group, she apparently knows everybody around the world because of her DJ days. But Vincent sure is a creep.

Another great bit of fan service was The Guy's recitation of a mission statement with only Vs, reminiscent of the same thing in V for Vendetta, but this time he had an app!
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