Steven Universe: Are You My Dad?
May 11, 2017 5:33 PM - Season 4, Episode 24 - Subscribe

Steven is concerned when Jamie is uncharacteristically late on his appointed rounds, but soon gets news of more troubling disappearances. Could this have something to do with the arrival of a mysterious blue Gem?
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I figure that hair tie/Zero Point Energy Wand Aquamarine's got pegs her as an Era 2 gem with technology supplementing the gem powers she doesn't have. I'd bet the wings are an add-on too. Also, I guess this means Aquamarine will not be the name of any potential Lapis/Peridot fusion.

Garnet drawing herself is fantastic, classic Garnet.

Topaz is pretty impressive. Creative use of fusion. I wonder if Topaz is the standard soldier gem of Homeworld, since supposedly Quartz-type soldiers were an Earth specialty.
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12 points to Topaz for resetting the butch bar waaaaaaaaay further than Jasper. She's great.

Mr. Encyclopedia: Odds are good you're right about Aquamarine, though the presence of a Tiny Fairy setting on the ruby ship suggests they're a normal size, and I can't imagine they'd give a pewling technician like a peridot limb enhancers without giving them to an aquamarine as well.

My money is on Turquoise for Lapidot, but not a lot of money. While I really, really hope it happens, I wouldn't be surprised if they never fuse.

Pearl's picture gave me life.
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The fandom, in anticipation of this episode, went nuts trying to figure out how a gem could have a Dad. It's all reddit talked about for days, I swear. (well, half of them. The other half were arguing if the shadows behind onion were gems or not, and if it was some form of Lapis since wings.)

It was about halfway through the episode when I was like: Hey wait a minute what if she thinks 'mydad' is a persons name?! I have a feeling that's what they intended us to come to the conclusion of. Just, excellent writing and acting to get that point across before Steven spells it out.

I was thinking that the homeworld gems would have gotten the name 'mydad' from Steven during his recent visit to liberate Greg from the Zoo. The call back to the first season was masterfully done.. and as a Peridot lover, made me mildly mad at Peridot. (not that, I would hold it against her, she didn't know she was going to become a rebel at the time, and she did say she was going to report them...)
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