Constructed Reality / Simulated Reality Movie Club?
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One of my favorite genres of movie are those where the protagonist is dealing with living inside of a simulated or constructed reality. The Matrix is the most popular example, but there are many, many more (of vastly varying quality). There are already a lot of movie clubs going, so I thought I would put out a feeler for interest.
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I really enjoyed 2011's Source Code.

This is a great idea for a movie club!
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The Whelk's 1999 club is doing The Matrix next Tuesday, so you could kick off with a crossover?
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I haven't done a movie club on here yet, what do people usually do in terms of scheduling and planning?
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Whoever organizes usually takes initiative and makes a schedule - you can get feedback here! Talk threads are perfect for gathering ideas and feedback. You're on the right track. Wait. People will find this and comment.
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eXistenz, The Thirteenth Floor, Cool World, Last Action Hero and Dark City all come to mind.
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Good list twists and turns. eXistenz and Last Action Hero are both on Netflix... Cool World and 13th Floor used to be (damnit!).

Here's stuff that's currently streaming that would fit:
Last Action Hero
Strange Days
Brain Dead
Upstream Color
Vanilla Sky (2001, also, ech)
A Recently Released Horror Movie that I can't Include Because it'd Spoil it

A broader list of stuff that's not streaming...
The Matrix
Truman Show
Cool World
13th Floor
Dark City
World on a Wire
Source Code
The Cube Series
Synechdoche, New York
Both Total Recalls
West World
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You could do Abre los ojos instead of Vanilla Sky.
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God yes, let's talk about Synechdoche, New York
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