Supergirl: Resist
May 16, 2017 4:46 AM - Season 2, Episode 21 - Subscribe

I thought it was an awesome episode and after I re-watch it later tonight I'll come back here and get specific about what I loved. (and didn't love)
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Big thought upon finally catching this:


(I will also come back with a few more thoughts later, but man I missed her.)
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All right, so more stuff:

* Daxamite costuming looked too much like Guardian's. Feels like the prop department could've painted someone or something.

* President Wonder Woman had a fun resolution, although I'm wondering if that really *is* the whole story.

* Watching every major player be female was a thing of beauty: Supergirl, Rhea, Lena, Lillian, Cat, Lynda Carter. I appreciate the gender flipping going on. (Cat's speech about it was a little heavy-handed, but she's always like that.)

* Mon-El being forced to marry Lena was a hilarious threat. I could practically feel the fanfic being written. (Especially with the mild implication Lena already knows who Kara is - she already should.)

* I laughed out loud when Cat recognized Jimmy in the Guardian suit, although I wanted a similar nod about her recognizing Kara.
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At this point, everyone is just humoring Kara. As soon as she leaves the room after meeting a new person, all her friends take the newbie aside and explain that, yes, obviously they can all see that she looks exactly like Supergirl, but we don't mention it because she's super sensitive about her two identities and it's important to be supportive of her. It's been going on so long (nobody can remember why) that Kara would be _so_ _embarrassed_ to find out how obvious it is, so we just don't ever mention it.
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,,, Okay, I'm just going to roll with that. It's a classic anyway.
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The anti-Trump stuff is a little heavy handed even if I share the urge. Hell, the season finale's title is "Nevertheless, she persisted."
posted by Justinian at 1:21 PM on May 17, 2017

Given all the fun SFX I wish they'd put a bit more effort into Cyborg Jeramiah's plating. It looks like it was made during an episode of Blue Peter.

"Do your thing, R2"
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The first 4 minutes of the show were so amazing I was shocked they were able to keep up the pace for the rest of the episode. Supergirl gets to do so many cool stunts and fight sequences, but nothing thrills me like Alex Danvers being a badass. I audibly squealed when she jumped off that balcony and fell and fell and fell ..... that was flat out awesome.

I am glad President Wonder Woman is a good alien and that Cat Grant is back. I loved that she recognized James immediately but it does beg the question how she could possibly still be fooled by Kara's glasses?

I for one LOVE LOVE LOVE the overt, unabashed, balls out Trump bashing. Balls out? Boobs out? Whatever --

My only real complaint was Supergirl refusing to return with Mon-El so that she could give Rhea one last chance to surrender. Really? And the guy who plays Mon-El should have demanded a re-write of that scene because he looks like a real douchebag giving in so easily. A man in love would have fought harder. Like, Supergirl having to physically throw him into the portal. It was so lame having him just mope on over and pout. WTF?

Also, 5 stars for an episode where every major good guy and bad guy is a woman. That was fun!
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i busted out laughing when she said "do your thing, R2" and then he pulled out a tool that looks just like R2's and spun the interface just like R2 did to the death star!!!
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And the guy who plays Mon-El should have demanded a re-write of that scene because he looks like a real douchebag giving in so easily. A man in love would have fought harder.

I actually thought this might be a deliberate gender flip. Because whenever a male hero does this the 'saved' female character always meekly lets herself be evacuated. Having Mon-El do the same neatly highlighted the absurdity of it.
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So much girl power. So wonderful. Also, Cat Grant is back and leading the resistance. Cat Grant is a delight and how I wish she could be persuaded to do more stints in Vancouver. The show needs her and I do not miss Snapper Carr. (Stupid name anyway.)

But that said, I about choked when she was all, "Thanks, James, I recognized his eyes." This is making me suspect Cat is just being a giant troll when it comes to Keira/Supergirl.
posted by jenfullmoon at 6:54 AM on May 23, 2017

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