Steven Universe: The Trial
May 29, 2017 6:23 PM - Season 5, Episode 2 - Subscribe

Steven goes on trial for Pink Diamond's assassination.
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In which a tale that started out to be about noble sacrifice takes a hard left turn into a murder mystery. Who Killed PD?

Zircon v. Zircon

So we think YD did it, yes? Or knows who did? But it wasn't RQ, which makes sense, because her sword does not shatter things?

And what of White Diamond? Not a peep about her from anyone.

Blue Pearl as artist vs. Yellow Pearl as stenographer.

I have come to enjoy the way Lars refuses to stop yelling his outrage even when it's futile.
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I'm on Team Yellow Did It

though I wonder if Blue is hiding something herself
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I liked when the diamonds said "But where is... the accused?" My theory is White Diamond is equivalent to some kind of hidden emperor, who is never seen or spoken of but holds ultimate power. Yellow Diamond and Blue Diamond prefer it this way, since they get to rule freely.
Not surprised there are holes in the story. Pink Diamond was a frame job. Heck, Amethyst has shown it's simple enough to shapeshift to look like Rose, and it seems like shapeshifting is not something most gems care to do. Somebody who looked like Rose Quartz shattered Pink Diamond with a sword that shatters after getting her to stop in Korea. Also, this firmly establishes that the shattering happened later in the rebellion, presumably Pink's shattering is what prompted the diamonds pulling off of Earth and corrupting the gems (and letting Yellow go forward with her Cluster plan).
Poor Zircon. I hope they didn't get shattered after Steven escaped.
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"the shield is reflective!" Pink Diamond commits suicide by shield, in order to make a new way to produce gems?
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I think that this is just building up to the "Pearl (ours) shattered Pink Diamond and Rose took the blame" theory especially since they take the time to mention "Where was her Pearl?!" and that it was an inside job.

I imagine that Rose took the blame so homeworld didn't shatter all the Pearls.

Yellow Diamond appearing to have something to do with it is a red herring.
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Yeah, I've long thought that our Pearl (who is not White Diamond's pearl does nobody remember the pink diamond on her spacesuit in Space Race?) had a greater hand in Pink Diamond's shattering. I figured Pearl convinced Rose to do it for "the greater good" when what she really wanted was to be rid of Pink Diamond and have Rose all to herself. But the trial establishes that Rose had already started her rebellion and the other Rose Quartz gems were out of the picture by the time the shattering occurred, and we know from The Answer that Rose and Pearl were together fighting seemingly before any other Crystal Gems joined up. It's possible that Garnet wasn't being truthful in The Answer and it's possible the shattering was before the events of The Answer?

Anyway, my money is on "Pearl shattered Pink Diamond to be with Rose". Maybe Pearl shapeshifted into Rose and that's why she refuses to shapeshift any more? Makes sense, kill your master and blame it on your lover so you and your lover can run away and fight together. Pearl could've been helping Rose from the inside until then, and we've certainly seen that self-serving duplicitousness is well within Pearl's wheelhouse.
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It's possible that Garnet wasn't being truthful in The Answer and it's possible the shattering was before the events of The Answer?

I don't think so, Garnet knew Bismuth, and Bismuth didn't know the war had ended. The shattering would have had to have been mid-war which doesn't quite make sense.
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I hope the Zircon, at least the defense one, is fine... She was doing a hell of a job! So I have no clue if YD is a red herring or not but she's definitely suspect if she doesn't care to find out how a Rose Quartz managed to shatter Pink Diamond.
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One thing I love about this episode is how much it humanizes characters who, until now, have all been villains. We did get a look at Blue's grief (and note: here it wasn't just Steven through which her tears were broadcast!), but Yellow and Blue Pearl's reactions throughout the trial too. And even Yellow Diamond was great, the way she rolled her eyes at the introductions and reacted throughout the trial. Her casual demeanor causes me to suspect that she's not responsible for Pink's shattering either. Which leaves... White. Or Pink, if she somehow committed suicide, which I wouldn't rule out.
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Poor Zircon. I hope they didn't get shattered after Steven escaped.

I would love to see more zircon gems make an appearance. Unlikely, but perhaps we'll even see this particular Blue Zircon again, like Steven busts her out of jail and she JOINS THE CRYSTAL GEMS AND
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