House of Cards: Chapter 53
May 30, 2017 9:55 AM - Season 5, Episode 1 - Subscribe

"I will not yield.... You have nothing to be afraid of."

The fifth season premiere makes explicit the final shot of the fourth: the Underwoods are whipping up fear of ICO to win the election.
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HoC used to be deliciously devious and outrageous escapism. Now I just feel ill and terrible, like I turned off a documentary sent back from 2019.
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I suppose that a lot of HoC fans, between seasons, followed the news from the Trump administration.

The first thing I noticed is the contrast between the aesthetics of the current White House and the Underwood White House : the latter is minimal, with shades of grey and dark wood.

(Not the mention the contrast of watching an organized, methodical POTUS in 2017.)
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I am watching this only because I want Doug to die a horrible, awful death. A girl has wishes.
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I loooved the first 4 seasons, couldn't even finish this episode.
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I made it through this episode and two others but not with a lot of enthusiasm. Probably will muddle through. But it's harder to appreciate any intrigue when we have an administration that simply dispenses with it and just does whatever it wants instead with seemingly no repercussions.

This administration has simultaneously ruined this show with its level of maliciousness and ruined VEEP with its levels of incompetence.
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A little surprised that mefi interest has dropped so precipitously.

I've watched the first 5; seeing Frank so upset when certain elected congressmen won't follow his direction on a particular vote is now just annoying although it's consistent with his character.

They're clearly setting up the former wash chronicle reporter to be the whistle-blower of a huge political scandal, just buying my time until that happens...

BTW, that guy who single-handedly took down the DC phone system at Franks behest, come the fuck on.
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Through 10 episodes and it's getting remarkably worse. Ridiculous plot lines (that are comparable or even more incredulous than the shit we see in the white house today); characters that are re-appearing with little reason; events are resolved with very little explanation.

Not sure where it really jumped the shark this season, but yeesh.
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I think "yeesh" sums it up nicely.

The current political reality certainly put a damper on some enjoyment, but by the last three was just not good/logical/true to characters. I doubt I'll start with another season (if there is one) unless reviews are stellar.
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