Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt: Kimmy Can't Help You!
May 31, 2017 6:04 AM - Season 3, Episode 3 - Subscribe

Kimmy meets someone new! Titus gets a project! Jackie and Russ have a plan!
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Guys I don't know if I can finish this season. Everything Jackie-related is still just Dorne levels of Don't Care and not funny to boot. Last season at least had the decency to still have funny dialogue when they were doing weird axe-grindy stuff that felt a little too much like the writers were pleased at their own cleverness.

Titus still needs to have his own show, though. Outside of the checklist he was this episode's sole redeeming feature. Well, him and Jackie's parents. They're a delight.
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I've enjoyed the season. Later on, there's finally payoff for the Jacqueline storyline (and and explanation for its inspiration).
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Guys I don't know if I can finish this season. Everything Jackie-related is still just Dorne levels of Don't Care and not funny to boot.

Episode 6 has some of my favorite Jacqueline bits in quite a while! When Jane Krakowski gets to just go nuts on ridiculous farce it's great, there needs to be more of that. So far it's the Kimmy stuff that's falling flat for me overall, they just. keep. leaning. on the "Kimmy says something weirdly oblivious" joke and don't give her enough other material.
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Yeah, the episodes have gotten better and I'm weirdly getting into the Jacqueline storyline.
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I'm kinda done too. The end of season 2 had me thinking that we were slowly going to see Kimmy emerge from her technicolor self protective bubble into a normal experience of life, to show how she finally expunged her trauma and can move forward as a fully integrated human being. I though Tina was setting us up for some amazing long game character arc. But instead S3 feels like a slap in the face, back at square one, and the references are soooo dated...
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This is getting pretty old to me, too. Aside from Tidus, it's really just a lot of the same jokes over and over again. I guess I'll stick with it for a few more episodes.
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Finally getting around to watching this. On the one hand, that woman's reasons for marrying Crazy Bunker Guy...wow and ow.
On the other hand, hating the whole Jacqueline storyline like everyone else.
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