Sons of Anarchy: Black Widower
September 27, 2014 4:19 PM - Season 7, Episode 1 - Subscribe

Charming and the Sons adjust to life after last season.

Jax is out, having made productive use of his time in prison, and seeking his revenge, seemingly oblivious to Gemma's role in Tara's death. Juice is doing a terrible job of hiding out at Wendy's house while she moves in with Gemma to help out with the kids.

Gemma is holding it together reasonably well so far and having the odd chat with the spirit of Tara while standing at the kitchen sink where she killed her. The Chinese are getting the blame for what happened and Jax gets very nasty with the fall guy while the rest of club look on.

Nero's getting pulled deeper in the game with the Mayans but he and Gemma are reunited to the delight of the cooing crew at the porn studio.
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All I want for the series finale of this show is for Gemma to die messily and for someone to take Juice to Disney World and get him one of the mickey mouse ear hats and an ice cream cone.

I am worried about Wendy, I don't want more shitty collateral damage.
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I'm amazed Juice is still standing given that he's the only solid tie between Gemma and Tara's death. How long before she starts looking at him as a liability?

Having only just unburdened herself about John Teller's death to Nero last season now Gemma is stuck with another big bad secret. I can't see it going down so well if she tells Nero about this one though.

The scene with Wendy and Nero on the way to check out the school was sweet and it was good to see someone talking about the perverse lure of club life especially in the context of a conversation about addiction. She got a nice dose of club drama when Lin and crew pulled up shortly after too.

How dark is it going to go this season - Jax has lost Tara - could he lose the boys and the club too? Breaking Bad pulled a punch at the end and didn't go as dark as it could have done. This is one show I could imagine pushing past the need for a satisfyingly happy(ish) ending.
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Gemma's been keeping so many godawful secrets for the past decade? more? in show-time, it was only a matter of time before she started cracking up. I'm surprised it didn't happen sooner, really.
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Well, define not cracked up. She's hardly been a paragon of sanity thus far.
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talking to the ghost of her dead daughter in law while she washes dishes in the sink that she used to drownstab that daughter in law i guess
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One of my constant frustrations with SOA is that the extreme violence often serves as a cover for ridiculous plotting, giving the show the appearance of having far more depth and seriousness than it actually deserves. For example, the entire season thus far has basically been one long Idiot Plot. So often with this show the hand of the writer is just so clearly visible, throwing in contrivance after contrivance to artificially move the plot in a particular direction or to prolong an arc that realistically should last about half an episode.
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This is one show I could imagine pushing past the need for a satisfyingly happy(ish) ending.

Given that SOA is a loose retelling of Hamlet I don't have any doubts about how messy it will get before we're done.
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Oh yeah, good point re: Hamlet.

Poffin, I was more getting at the fact that Gemma has always been a bit crackers.
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