Wynonna Earp: Season 2 (Full Season)
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Wynona and the gang must deal with a whole new level of evil when a variety of demons enter the Ghost River Triangle when Season 2 premieres.
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I know there were only a handful of us watching at the start of S1, but I figure there may be enough people/interest to keep a full-season S2 thread going, what with the S1 having been added to Netflix. Also, the show runner Emily Andras and a bunch of the cast (Dolls, Haught, Waverly, & Doc announced so far) are going to be at DragonCon in September, so I want to have somewhere to geek out afterwards if I make it into any/all of the panels.

Den of Geek review - Season 2 episode 1: Steel Bars and Stone Walls: "How long until Black Badge finds out about Sheriff Nedley and Officer Haught? What did Dolls say to Doc? What is the significance of Wynonna's keys? Who or what is wearing that fantastic (and presumably deadly) jewelry that just exploded its way out of a crate in Black Badge? For the love of all that is good in this world, will someone please get Doc back his hat?"
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Is this worth watching? I got through the second episode of "season 1" and it just had this handwavy made up on the fly, need a baddie, well there's demons over at the next trailer court. Magic gun rules, cute sister knows the story or not, and oh I'm with a super sekret agency see I have an official badge and you have to do what I say. I guess it didn't click, but does it get better?
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I guess it didn't click, but does it get better?

I forget at what point of season one I went from 'meh, it's ok I guess' to actively liking it, it just kinda crept up on me. I know I found the mythology confusing/nonsensical at the start but I don't know how much of that was bad writing on the show's part versus me only half-watching in the beginning, or a deliberate writing choice to let the audience be as in the dark as the characters. But I don't think that the show runner was making it up on fly, they definitely had an arc planned for the serialized plot despite starting out with more of a monster-of-the-week format. I think you might want to give it another couple episodes and see if you get hooked on any of the characters. I like the sisters' relationship, the WayHaught ship, and Doc pushes all my buttons (in a good way).
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I forget at what point of season one I went from 'meh, it's ok I guess' to actively liking it, it just kinda crept up on me.

This happened to me too, with season one. I was watching early on, all, "yeah okay bad girl tropes got it summer fare blah blah," and then suddenly after a few more episodes, I had changed to, "Is it on now? My precious bebes! I love you all don't fight you're all my favorite! Bring me all the tumblr gifs!"

I even rewatched season one on Netflix a few weeks ago and I'm not much of a re-watcher. It did confirm for me that the first few episodes are wobbly, and there's some stuff that's just confusing (mostly around their relationship with Gus) but mostly it's really fun and charming.
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Wynonna is sad about the band breaking up, misses Dolls, thinks she's haunted by Willa, and waffles about being the leader.

Waverly nurses her grudge against Willa, reads her diary, burns her stuff and takes her old room. Waverly has a Willa problem. Also Waves goes to bed with Haught for the first time.

Wynonna and Waverly save a new character named Mercedes, and get some bad ass slo-mo hero walks in the process. Also, there's a nexus of evil in the basement of an old school and somewhere, Buffy is nodding her head and sighing.

Doc has "ponies that need waterin'" and Wynonna has a powerful thirst but he keeps leaving her high and dry!

Doc cracks Lucado's safe (literally and not figuratively which she does offer later), buys Shorties, and recruits a woman named Rosita to brew up something in the basement.

Jeremy fails to impress.
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Den of Geek - Season 2 Episode 2 Review: Shed Your Skin
In the wake of Willa's death & Dolls' departure, Wynonna struggles with her grief... and killer spiders.

Just finally got around to watching this episode tonight. I didn't realize that Haught & Waverly hadn't slept together yet, guess I just assumed it had been happening off-screen in S1. And I don't know if I was supposed to remember Earl from S1, but that was moot by the end at least.

Also, there's a nexus of evil in the basement of an old school and somewhere, Buffy is nodding her head and sighing.

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Oh my poor sweetie Wynonna. I did get very teary eyed when she showed Doc in the basement of Shortys and he didn't say anything. sniff! And then the note from Doc made me all mushy.

And poor Dolls - man. Supernatural witches & mystery babies messing up his declaration of feelz!

From the Den of Geek review:
In other words: the curse insists that the Earp heir line must continue, and it made that happen, even working through Wynonna's birth control.

Ooh, I hadn't caught that. Dude.

Jeremy is finally growing on me, and I do hope he got the chance to bring Doc a snack.
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Episode 7 - Everybody Knows:
*Den of Geek review - Wynonna Earp reveals that Doc might not be the father of her child, leading to questions of a human-revenant baby.
*TV Junkies - Emily Andras Talks “Everybody Knows” and Writer Brendon Yorke On How the Past Will Haunt Wynonna and Doc

Well, that was a fun one. Jeremy's "Who you gonna call? Nobody. There's nobody you can call" line cracked me up, as did drunk-Haught. I have only a hazy memory of the start of Waverly's whole 'not a real Earp' subplot, so I completely forgot that Wynonna didn't know already.
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And then the note from Doc made me all mushy.

what did the note say, though? i paused it like 10000 times trying to read it, v annoying.
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The Den of Geek recap said the note was "I'm all in" (I couldn't read it clearly either)
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Episode 8 - No Future in the Past:
*Den of Geek review - Wynonna takes a trip through time to learn about the origins of the Earp curse.
*TV Junkies - Emily Andras Talks “No Future in the Past”

Well, now I'm glad I haven't gotten around to doing a season 1 rewatch yet, it's going to be much more interesting to watch Bobo again after the reveals in this episode. (Also I have no memory of Sheriff Clootie, and didn't recognize that the widow Clootie was the salt witch for the longest time.) I was surprised by the location of the 3rd seal, though I was more surprised that the immortality curse was in the ring and that Doc knew it - though I guess it's not that shocking that he would be masochistic/ornery enough to keep himself alive in that well all those years. I had thought his curse was linked to the salt witch's life, and that her beheading by Tucker in the earlier episode meant he was now mortal but unaware of it.

I got all weepy when Wynonna told Robert/Bobo his angel's name was Waverly. Beautiful scene.
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I don't want this to seem wank-y but like. The whole magically accelerated pregnancy, to a point where abortion or even the discussion thereof would be extremely severely controversial, is really creepy to me. I realize the actor is pregnant irl and therefore an abortion plotline would probably feel uncomfortable but like. Why did they have to make her unsure about it and then oops a supernatural force has accelerated it to a point where it's out of her hands. It feels unnecessarily coercive in a way I'm having trouble even articulating.

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Episode 9 - Forever Mine Nevermind
*Den of Geek review - So many revenant reveals, so little time.
*TV Junkies - Emily Andras Talks “Forever Mine Nevermind”

How many days has Mercedes supposed to have survived without a face? As medically preposterous as it seems to me for her to still be alive, I wouldn't mind if they got her face back from the witch so she could come back next season.

Not sure what I think of the Rosie thing. I was livid when she seemed to have been killed off offscreen (another WOC character sacrificed for Waverly?). Making her a revenant is better than making her dead, but, I don't see how the Rosie/Doc/Wynonna love triangle can be resolved in a way that ends well for Rosie. Unless they combine with the Dolls/Wynonna/Doc triangle and pair everyone off.
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Episode 10 - I See A Darkness
*Den of Geek review - Waverly shows how far she'll go to save Nicole in this episode of Wynonna Earp.
*TV Junkies - Emily Andras Talks “I See A Darkness” and Dani Kind On Her Deliciously Evil Character.

Go, Nedley, I think he won the prize for best lines this week, for "not my first demon rodeo. You know we actually had a demon rodeo?"
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Episode 12 - I Hope You Dance
*Den of Geek review - Wynonna Earp ends the season with [spoiler, spoiler, and spoiler]

*TV Junkies - Emily Andras Talks “I Hope You Dance” and Melanie Scrofano On Her Emotional and Powerful Finale Performance and Wynonna Earp’s Emotional Season 2 Finale Leaves Us More Invested Than Ever Before.

I'm so glad the finale aired in time for me to see it before DragonCon - at this point the entire main cast is coming: Melanie Scrofano, Michael Eklund, Shamier Anderson, Katherine Barrell, Dominique Provost-Chalkley, Tim Rozon, and show runner Emily Andras, and now there will be no spoiler issues, just lots of "But what did it mean?!" questions and speculation. (Though now I'm sad that the Jeremy actor isn't coming to con, since he's become a main too.)

I figure I should refrain from writing about finale details for a little bit, so as not to accidentally spoil anyone via Recent Activity. Overall, I loved the acting, felt like the action was a kinda rushed, in a 'clear the decks to set up for S3' way, with no sense of the realities of time, distance, or human anatomy. And whatever clues the reviewers alluded to about Jeremy knowing more than he should went completely over my head.
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