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Would anyone be interested in a House rewatch sometime? I was thinking we could skip some of the less interesting "patient of the week"-type episodes and dig into the meatier character arcs (Stacy, Tritter, all of season 4, etc.)
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There's only 177 episodes. At two episodes a week, you could cover them all in about 2 years. I feel weird about jumping around in shows, but I am something of a completist.

Scrubs, on the other hand, had 182 episodes. Some part of me thinks it would be fun to watch the shows in sequence, to see how the two medical shows kept their pace and progressed in various story arcs, but that sounds like more of a project for a few loons, rather than a real effort to re-watch the shows.
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Well, we can treat Scrubs as having only 169 episodes, since everyone, Bill Lawrence and Zach Braff included, pretend the 9th season never happened. There's an interview somewhere where Bill Lawrence basically says that his crew needed jobs and he owed it to them to keep them employed as long as possible.
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I was clicking around the channels the other day and I happened upon House and definitely had a moment of "oh, I miss this show!", but I'm not sure I have the time to devote to a rewatch: I'm on the lookout for new shows and also now that I have Amazon Prime (woohoo!) I anticipate more watching movies now on my laptop.

It's a nice idea and there's certainly a large House fanbase to draw from.
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FanFare: a project for a few loons
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I'm a huge House fan and loved Scrubs, but haven't rewatched Scrubs recently. I actually did a rewatch if House earlier this year. It was a pretty different experience than watching it week to week.
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I'm up for House.
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There's only 177 episodes. At two episodes a week, you could cover them all in about 2 years. I feel weird about jumping around in shows, but I am something of a completist.

Don't worry, I mean, I suspect skipping episodes wouldn't really be a thing until some of the later seasons, where there's a marked decline in quality.


It looks like there's a decent amount of interest; does anyone have any sort of ideas for scheduling? There's a lot of TV being discussed on FanFare at the moment, obviously, and there are only so many hours in the day. I was thinking maybe we could take it slow, at one episode per week? And House has always struck me as a Saturday night type of show, but I'm on the other side of the world to most of the users here.

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I think an ep a week works especially right now when there are so many shows. Saturday is my Dr. Who night, but as the weather gets colder here I'm sure I could fit in House.
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How about if someone does a House/Scrubs mashup edit? Imagine that they are at the same hospital and it's two documentaries being filmed at the same time, just missing each other by chance.
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if only someone had summarized them all for you
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I just started rewatching House. Anyone mind if I go ahead and start posting?
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