The Nightmare Before Christmas planning: Oct. 31 or earlier?
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A planned viewing of Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas: discuss.

I was originally going to suggest a series of 6 or 7 Halloween-themed animated films for the month of October, but have had feedback that indicates maybe that's flooding FanFare with too much. So, here's my proposal: Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas either during the week running up to Halloween or on Halloween itself.

What say you, fellow FanFarites? (Ew.)
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The Horror club is doing a movie on the 31st, so suggest this goes either the day before or the day after?
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I saw that; yet I don't see a conflict, as most people will gravitate towards one or the other, or will watch the next day (or at a later date) if they wish to participate in both threads.

Not really thinking about moving ahead as I've had one comment (from you) and I know you in real life!

Would like to hear from others: are you fans of this movie? Would you like to discuss here, on FanFare? Please speak up now.
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Thanks for the comment, though.
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There hasn't been sufficient interest in this film for me to proceed -- I'll pass.

If someone else would like to post on this movie, feel free.
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I prefer to watch this film around Christmas, along with Rare Exports, and some cheery television specials like Roswell, Bones, or The Vampire Diaries. So if you're interested again in December, I'm in.
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This movie has been posted as part of the Holiday Movie Club.
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