Preacher: Dallas
July 17, 2017 10:31 PM - Season 2, Episode 5 - Subscribe

Jesse learns of Tulip's secret relationship. We discover more of Jesse and Tulip's past and the darker side of Jesse.
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This episode was notable for its little quirks:

Cassidy pushing the "statue" over and giggling
The step-daughter's distaste for anything with "chemicals" in it.
The time it took Jesse to find the pills.
The meaning(s) of the phrase "cut him down"
Tulip beating a crime boss at Monopoly.

Any others?
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Don't forget the peanut butter roast. It sounded pretty disgusting to my palate but maybe it has something going for it.

Jesse-as-depressed-slacker was such a different character from the Jesse seen till now. Would have been nice to actually see him tend bar.

So, did Tulip leave Jesse and marry the crime boss because Jesse was an asshole who didn't treat Tulip right? Didn't seem that way to me exactly.
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Don't forget the peanut butter roast. It sounded pretty disgusting to my palate but maybe it has something going for it.

I was so surprised that peanut butter pot roast is even a real thing. I'd never heard of it, but I went a'Googlin', and was also sort of disgusted. Heh.

I assume I've never heard of due to it being popular in areas I don't live in or something. I loved their fixer's reaction to it though: "I'm going to leave before we get to dessert. I'm mad enough as it is."

So, did Tulip leave Jesse and marry the crime boss because Jesse was an asshole who didn't treat Tulip right? Didn't seem that way to me exactly.

Agreed. It didn't seem so much that Jesse was an asshole as that he wanted to lead a boring normal life and Tulip just... couldn't. She's a badass, she has to go do badass stuff. Viktor wanted that part of her, and had a lot to offer in return - he was, indeed, pretty good to her. So I think it was more 'Jesse wanted out, Tulip didn't, and that's irreconcilable.'

That said, I can see where Viktor might get the idea Jesse's a total dirtbag, this not being his finest hour by any stretch.

Other disjointed thoughts:
* The montage sequence held extra meaning for me, given the way that Hell is portrayed in the TV-Preacherverse. I've seen similar montages in other shows, but I really felt more punch here with that symbolic connection.

* Damn, the Saint's cold. I mean, he's supposed to be, and I knew he'd point the gun at the little girl, but that whole thing was pretty rough.
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I really like Cassidy's speech, primarily the latter, rebuttal part.

"Sure, I am a bad guy. I'm terrible. And I'd kill him."

With the pointed, unspoken followup:
So what kind of man are you, Jesse?
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Yeah, that was a great way to handle it. :)

Oh, another thought: the guy who plays Viktor's in everything, and I always like his work. (Been a fan since The Invisible Man was airing.)
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Yeah, that was a great way to handle it. :)

It seemed pretty clear to me from the turn in the conversation (after Jesse disparages Cassidy's character) and from Cassidy's disappointment after Jesse came back to the house that C's intent was to goad Jesse into killing Viktor specifically so Tulip would split. It was very much a 'Jesse lashes out, Cassidy gets the scalpel' kind of moment of reciprocal cruelty.
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I don't know, I'm still trying to figure out that whole turn of events. I want to think more will be made clear in the next episodes, but I wouldn't be adverse to re-watching this episode to watch the characters more closely, trying to get a read on them.

Which is a great statement for a TV show. Really, this is a great show and I'm surprised more MeFites aren't following it.
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That's twice now Cassidy has decided to persuade someone to do something with complete confidence in his abilities beforehand.

I think Cassidy is really old and has these humans figured out.
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"What's your story, Cassidy?"
"No, it's pretty typical, really. I am 119-year-old vampire from Dublin City. [Chuckles] And I'm currently on the run from a group of vampire-hunting religious vigilantes who keep tracking me down somehow."

(From Season 1 Episode 2 [FF, show only; books included])

I remembered that he was old, but I thought he was older than that. Regardless, he has some idea of what makes people tick.

(Speaking of those people who try to hunt him down, they'be been quiet for a while....)
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This episode (this whole subplot, really) had a pronounced Kill Bill vibe for me.
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I had to know what brand of beer Jesse was buying along with his smokes and pregnancy tests, so I employed my trusty DVR remote in furtherance of my inquiry. Turns out he has a thing for "Glue Rooster American Lager (Brewed in Texas)". Is this a hold-over from the books?
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The smartest thing this show has done since the beginning is to give Tulip more screen time and character development. Ruth Negga is doing most of the heavy lifting and the show is so much better for it. She's just stellar.
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I started watching this since seasons 1 & 2 are on Hulu and it's really good! I thought the whole thing with Viktor felt like a derail at first from their actual mission, but with the backstory for what happened since Dallas I started enjoying it more.
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I appreciate Cassidy being an explicit arsehole.
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