Friends from College: Second Wedding
July 22, 2017 7:53 PM - Season 1, Episode 6 - Subscribe

The friend group attends the wedding of a college friend, Rich. They are joined by an old friend and former flame of Sam's known as "Party Dog." Ethan's alter ego "Fun Ethan" emerges, as does Lisa's "Judge Lisa." Max makes a toast.
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This felt like a wasted episode because of the stunt casting. I wanted time with the characters, not time on Seth Rogen.
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So far episodes have featured a lot of Sam and Ethan continuing their affair with a lot of talk about stopping and how bad it is and how guilty they feel with no action and no consequences.

It was interesting and kind of satisfying to watch Ethan's jealousy over Party Dog's flirtation with Sam, and to hear Lisa's remarks about infidelity, and to see Lisa becoming suspicious of Sam and Ethan.

Ethan's frantic attempts to one-up Party Dog raise the question as to why he's gotten this far through life without learning to share the spotlight - or maybe it's that he has a problem with Party Dog in particular having the spotlight since he has Sam's attention.
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I liked this episode! I think overall it's one of the better episodes for the group. The table battle, the Max speech and DJ warnings. I thought it was a good episode for the snaggletooth dude and the "that thing that happened" guy. They worked that bit real well. All in all entertaining and one of the better endings so far, moving things along a little bit.
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