The Good Wife: Trust Issues
September 29, 2014 9:32 AM - Season 6, Episode 2 - Subscribe

Florrick/Agos tries to get Cary out of jail. Alicia tries to get herself out of politics. Diane tries to get Taye Diggs out of Lockhart/Gardner & Canning.
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Man, I love it when this show goes dark. In between the deservedly funny bits with Eli trying to convince Alicia to run, the specter of Bishop's investigative process starting with "Let's kill one person and see what the other people do" was legitimately scary. The show has proven that it's willing to kill anyone at all, and it's always good to see SuperKalinda realize that she is profoundly out of her league (I love Kalinda dearly, but it's nice to have a reminder that there really are people out there who will walk right past the law to get what they want).
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Diane's silent, dignified long march to the elevator leading people out the door was such a nice parallel to the destructive path when Florick/Argos was being shown the door that I have almost forgotten all the other things that also worked in the episode.
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When Alicia and Cary hugged at the end I actually got a little weepy. But yikes, Julianna might want to ease up on whatever she's having done to her face because she's starting to get the too-pulled-back look.
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I'm so glad that this was slightly lighter than last week's episode, I watched Last Week Tonight first and was wondering if I should have saved the comic relief for after. This has been such a strong start to the season, I binge watched the first five seasons after meaning to for ages, and am happy that I can watch along with FanFare for season 6.
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i love how central the elevator here is
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There has been so much great elevator action on that set over the years. Of course the new elevator has a random shirtless swarthy dude, so I'm okay with that too.
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I'm really, really hoping TGW doesn't go down the state attorney election path. I mean, Alicia goes from stay at home mom to associate and then to partner in a big firm to owning her own firm to state attorney in the space of six years? Come on. Having her former boss join her firm is already breaking the limits of credibility. I just don't believe Diane Lockhart would abandon her own firm to join a start up.

Why on earth was Peter ever part owner of Alicia's apartment?

I agree with Etrigan that Kalinda is out of her depth when it comes to dealing with Lemond Bishop, and that she knows it. Clever and wily and willing to operate in a legal gray area as Kalinda is, she's no match for a ruthless master criminal (a ruthless stupid one she could probably handle).
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I just don't believe Diane Lockhart would abandon her own firm to join a start up.

She was abandoning a firm that was about to throw her out anyway -- she knew that Canning and Lee had it in for her.

Why on earth was Peter ever part owner of Alicia's apartment?

Didn't she move into that apartment after he was governor or about to be governor and she was still cash-poor?
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One of the reasons why Dianne left, was issues of minority representation--which strikes me as fairly accurate, considering who she brought wiht her. I also think that this is a way of perserving the last bit of her autonomy. i wonder, though, considering how the governor screwed her on the judgeship, if she would like Alicia that much, but then, that scene with her picking Will's picture up, they have something close as well. Baranski has played the hell out of those scenes.
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Dianne also believes in her liberal politics. Will was in it to win while Dianne wanted to succeed and change the world. The money and power was a yardstick for winning for them, not the main reason. Her protogee was all "this is a step down!" and she's smart enough to see it as a place she can shape to do the kind of work she wants to with people she wants to help.

That is one great thing about TGW - people who are passionate and good at their jobs for multiple motivations. Alicia does her work because she wants to provide security for her children independent of her unreliable husband, and because she's realised that she is very good at it and enjoys being highly competent.

Did anyone else think when the white business dude turned up with the money, there was a moment where Alicia hoped that Peter had arranged this to help, as an apology for refusing to cosign?
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Did anyone else think when the white business dude turned up with the money, there was a moment where Alicia hoped that Peter had arranged this to help, as an apology for refusing to cosign?

That moment is the show in a nutshell. The dialogue never really said that, but both the writing and acting made me believe that was exactly what happened on screen from Alicia's perspective that I probably could have been easily convinced that Alicia had a scene where she said exactly that to her brother later on.
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Of course the new elevator has a random shirtless swarthy dude, so I'm okay with that too.

That elevator scene with Alicia and Gunther was one of my favorite bits of the show ever. "I dunno, the future's weird." Alicia's demeanor perfectly encapsulated why I really hope she doesn't go into politics. And it made such a lovely counterpoint to the very together Taye Diggs being appalled by his ride with Gunther (and by the unsleek unglossiness of Florrick Agos in general).
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Could a law firm really get away with that office arrangement, even temporarily? Aren't there privacy considerations for the clients? And wouldn't Cary in jail be a really big deal? It seems like it could easily bring down the firm -- aren't the clients taking a legitimately large risk by placing their affairs in the hands of a fledgling firm with its own legal problems?

I love this show, but I found these issues somewhat distracting.
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I guess I feel like the office space reminds me of all the pregnancy/parenting jokes from earlier seasons -- it's a running gag that keeps pushing my suspension-of-disbelief buttons.
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I expect the office will become more upscale when Diane moves in. I look forward to FAL! And David Lee and Louis Canning choking on it.

I was also choking on Diane's "I got married now..." Like what, they genuinely think she's gonna be a stay at home wife polishing the guns or something? Really? I don't blame her for floating that BS at them, but they bought it. Pathetic.

Yeah, Gunther the random water guy with no shirt was...quite odd, but I did enjoy the conversation with Alicia at the end. And the hug!!!! Will and Diane 2.0! And they earned their own damn money to pay the bail! Huzzah!

Lemond needs to not jump the gun on who he kills. Either he didn't logic it out like Kalinda or he just picked a random guy to off as a warning, I dunno.
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I agree that the Diane's walk to the elevator at the end of the episode was amazing.

Wasn't the picture she took with her the one of her and Hillary Clinton, not her and Will?

Am I the only person who sees big tech-related news stories on metafilter and thinks "That is so going to be in a Good Wife episode!"? I had exactly that thought about the tech wage fixing conspiracy when the news broke. I think we'll see a Whitney Wolfe/Tinder sexual harassment storyline show up this season and a revenge porn-related plot.
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You aren't the only one. I've been imagining The Good Wife take on #gamergate since the day mainstream media talked about it at all.
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Alicia got the apartment when Peter went to prison. I think she rented it first and then it turned condo so she had to scramble for the money? And maybe Peter was out of prison by that point so he lent it to her? First season problems.

I also hope she doesn't run for SA. It seems like she's in a good place now and I love, LOVE her relationship with Cary. It might be a good way to end the series next year however.

I'm less excited about Taye Diggs joining the cast, he seems a bit bland. The trial du jour has always been less interesting than the interplay of characters. They do a good job of keeping Eli and the Governor in the storyline naturally, I am hoping to see David Lee and Nathan Lane regularly too.
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