Killjoys: Necropolis Now
August 4, 2017 7:47 PM - Season 3, Episode 6 - Subscribe

As Johnny faces off with someone from his past, Dutch faces her own personal hell.
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Ha! I just knew Klein was lying about not knowing why Aneela looked like Dutch. It took a hell of a long time for the show to get around to confirming that. Anyway, it's good to know there's another layer to Aneela's story. I'm looking forward to the reveal of the actual Big Bad. Who could be strong enough to imprison Aneela?

Where did Klein find the time to do this much deep plotting? How much has this show changed since we were first intoduced to an assasin who got her assingments via mysteriously appearing boxes?

I'm not looking forward to the baby plot. Most shows quickly jump the shark once a kid is intoduced. The necessary but implausibly rapid growth of the character being just one of the stupid issues that pops up.
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I like the babies! They've got to have some way of cranking out ready made Hullen stock without having to deal with just infecting humans who comes with lots of mortal ties and memories. Having your own blank slates you can churn out with genetic stock tweaked to fit seems much more efficient. However, Aneela and Seyah don't seem like people who take kindly to having their property taken from them. That's going to be one massive custody battle.
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Fully-grown clones.
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I liked the Aneela reveal - while she's powerful, they haven't really shown why or how she has any power over the rest of the Hullen in any way other than "because she's their queen" which felt a little fast and loose. But if she's just the Hullen's research vessel into the mysteries of the Green, well, OK then. Carry on you little weirdos.

And I was struck by how the Simms sisters are played by actresses that both share roughly the same sort of general outline. Maybe it's just because we haven't seen Pawter in a a while, but I could totally buy Louella as a blood relation. Maybe it's just the hair and shoulders, I dunno.
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The sciencey schwiemcy stuff is laughable on the face of it, but as practical effects go, quite impressive, easily acquired, and inexpensive (especially if just borrowed).

There's some standard distillation glassware stuff on the bottom of the shot and a few chunks of lucite on the main table (probably from a custom trophy-making shop).

The red/green/yellow stuff is probably green food colouring between two layers of probably jello (or low percentage agarose - in a disposable 15mL polystyrene collection tube with a snap on screw on cap. That's a bog standard P1000 (might be a 1.5mL) pipettor, might even an an Eppendorf brand one.

There's a nice microfuge on the table (it looks like it does 1.5mL eppendorfs, not the 15mL tubes) and what looks like a minicell agarose gel electrophoresis box (without buffer or gel or powersupply, used to separate small DNA fragments for visualization).

Neat effect with the green growing goop - can't tell what it is, but I'd guess some sort of absorbant microcellulose powder that expands when it gets wet.

iirc, they had a nice effect with magnets underneath the "table" and petri dishes of iron filings last season.
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