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Partly inspired by today's Fresh Prince post, would there be interest in a general "sitcom club" that would watch selected episode from classic sitcoms?

I think that the number of episodes and the usual lack of major plot momentum ("Yup, this episode is funny too. Next.") makes most sitcoms unsuitable for a full-rewatch--even with a relatively modern, "plotty" one like Arrested Development, it was difficult to maintain rewatch momentum to the end of one season.

Taking some inspiration from the AV Club's Very Special Episode column, I think some of these shows would be more amenable to discussion of a handful (maybe 2-4 from a given series) episodes. Naturally, if any given show generated more interest in a full watch, it could get spun off, but this is more for shows where discussion of Every. Single. Episode. would yield diminishing returns.

A few ideas for shows that I see fitting well into this feature:

All in the Family
The Jeffersons
Fresh Prince of Bel-Air
The Mary Tyler Moore Show
I Love Lucy
The Cosby Show
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As long as we don't call it the Very Special Discussion Club.
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Perfect Strangers
Night Court
How I Met Your Mother

All three of those have some standout episodes that break their own formulas that I'd love to discuss with people interested in them.
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Sanford and Son!
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Barney Miller
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The Bob Newhart Show!
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I would love this. Great idea.
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