Disjointed: Kathy Bates in a stoner sit-com about the wacky staff of dispensary.
August 26, 2017 10:26 AM - Season 1 (Full Season) - Subscribe

If Big Bang Theory were about pot, but with Kathy Bates, fake ads, animation, and PTSD.
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I could only watch five minutes before I gave up. Terrible!
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I saw the first episode and thought it was passable. I think it would have been way better without the laugh track, honestly. Some of the humor was really dumb, but I am a sucker for family(ish) comedies where everyone loves each other and the stakes are low. I will watch another couple episodes this week and see how I feel.
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Oh and I saw Netflix had their own pot strains that they were pairing with some of their shows, which, well, seems awfully ridiculous to me.
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It is a really silly show, but the PTSD thread and animation are standouts. Carter's storyline and the actor playing him, Tone Bell, are really great and may redeem the show of some of its other sins.

It's very weird to see the subject normalized like this. James Burrows and Chuck Lorre treating pot dealing like any retail job. It's apparently not a laugh track either. It's a live audience.
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It picked up for me in episode 3, when I was about to fast-forward through the credits and it fast-forwarded for me.

I also enjoy trying to guess the word of the day.
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Made it through 15 minutes. Go watch High Maintenance instead.
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Holy crap there are six seasons of High Maintenance.
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Dude, are you high right now? There is one HBO season of High Maintenance with six episodes, and there's the original web series that went for 18 episodes.
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It certainly sounded like a real audience (at least the first episode). Probably high since this was not that funny. The show obviously borrowed from Grace and Frankie in some elements without putting their own stamp on it. I haven't made it past ep 2 yet.
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Dude, are you high right now?


According to the 'pedia, it's 6 seasons of 3 episodes each (4 in S2). So, Vimeo seasons are even shorter than British ones. Then one HBO season of 6. I just didn't look at the episode counts, because, probably like you, I think "season" For 3 episodes is a misnomer. Didn't think I'd have to!
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Me too.
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All that being said, Kathy Bates has an amazing singing voice.
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Just watched the first two episodes. Very disappointing. Such a waste of Kathy Bates. Very pedestrian and cheap laughs with characters that are outdated stereotypes for the most part.

Going to rewatch Weeds instead of wasting more time on this.
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