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After the revelations at the end of season 1, Ozzie tries to get the group together. Meanwhile, the FBI comes to Beacon due to Walsh's financial crimes.

I didn't realize the show was back until I saw a notice about it on my phone! And you can stream the episodes on TBS's website.

We can break up the discussion into separate episodes if you all want. But judging from lack of participation from the last season I think this will suffice.

I'm so glad Aly from New Girl and Art from Orphan Black are joining the show!
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Uh, HOLY CRAP last week.

This season seems more uneven, and kinda overstuffed. Eric was a necessary addition to keep the aliens' storylines from just spiraling around bickering, but add that into Alex's plotline, Walsh's redemption plotline, the increasingly complex web within StarCrossed (and Fr. Doug's increased involvement)... it's a bit too much.

But it's still good, and they've earned some level of holding out until we can see the whole wide sweep of things.
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I don't know how on earth I missed this last season*, I looooove this show. I agree with the "overstuffed" feeling, especially with Alex. I'm a big fan of Nasim Pedrad, but this seems like not the best fit? And I'm not calling for stunt casting, but I'd love to see a quick Tatiana Maslany cameo where [a clone] gets to reunite with Art.

I wouldn't mind some more spaceship office drudgery scenes, but hopefully we'll get a chance to explore the Jeff/Kirk relationship. I do wonder which came first: the super low-key pilot script or the casting of Cenac and Nunoz. I've always been a fan of their dry humor. The show reminds me of a super chill The Good Place.

Right now I'm just hoping for more warm fuzzies for Gerry and Yvonne.

TBS has some cute related promo stuff, like Humans! with Don and What's Neil deGrasse Tyson thinking?

Since it's already Kate in the season, if stragglers come along I'd even be up for a rewatchmof both seasons during the hiatus.

*Maybe Don zapped my memory 🦌
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This show is our pick-me-up of its season. Nasim Pedrad seems like a good fit as the energetic young FBI agent, trying to make up for shooting herself in her foot by giving all she has, trying to do better than is requested of her. Give her a 24 hour deadline? She'll do it in 23.

I do wonder which came first: the super low-key pilot script or the casting of Cenac and Nunoz.

Wyatt: When [creator David Jenkins] wrote the scripts, he had said that he had thought of me for the (Ozzie Graham) role, and so they reached out to me, and I read it. (From an interview at San Diego Comic Con in 2016, where Wyatt also says that even though it's a scripted show, they get to riff a bit, which seems pretty great.)
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I just started episode 2. Seriously can't not hear Bob Belcher when Glimmer say some things a certain way.
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I know Wrecked didn't get much traction in FanFare, but I love it, and between that, this, and Angie Tribeca, TBS is really knocking the comedy out of the ball park.
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I'm re-watching the last episode and just noticed a few of things. 1) The women are all shapes and sizes, 2) the women are all 35 or older IRL except Da'Vine Joy Randolph (Yvonne) who is 31, and 3) the only really conventionally attractive characters, Nancy and Johnathan Walsh, are aliens.
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I would argue that Kelly and Don are conventionally attractive as well, but yeah, they clearly cast for "normal".
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No, you're right that Kelly is, I just think she was supposed to be the quirky one. OTOH, Don is a ray of light from a galaxy where the atmosphere is made of beauty and defies human concepts of attractiveness.
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I don't have a TV crush on Björn Gustafsson you do!
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caught up through episode 6. I know some of you think the show is moving pretty fast, but considering that it probably only has 10 episodes for this season, I think the pace is right for the arc it's going with. Last season had the benefit of having the aliens being discovered as a big turning point, and that was always quick and easy for them to pull off in one episode, so they had most of the season to introduce you to and explore the characters.
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Every episode makes me like this show more and more. I think it's really the alien side that's captured me, but the human side is so good too. I don't really have much to say except that I'm really looking forward to the next episode.

And also there's a program on Hulu about reptilians that I've added to my watchlist because of People of Earth.
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When did I actually start kind of... liking Jeff?
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This show feels to me like the beginning of Community...a slowish start as the characters get developed and the writers find their feet. I hope it gets enough renewals that it can really get going. It's my favourite free television show right now, and soooo far ahead of the other popular options (Modern Family, Big Bang etc) which have been unvearably bad for the last few seasons.
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oh god, Chelsea and John getting marriage counseling with Doug is sooo awkward hahahaha
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hahahaha that's Greycist!
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This is such a delightfully weird show.
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alien looooooove awww
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What kind of phone is this?
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"did it give you the option to delete and re-record?"
"then you did it perfectly!"
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I'm sad it ended already! And on another huge cliffhanger! Arg!

I need to know what Eric plans to do with Ozzie!
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So, was Wyatt Cenac out for the second half of this season shooting this? I hope he got paid well at least.
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I was wondering why he didn't have much screen time this season. I suppose that's plausible, but a lot of actors do two things at once right? Maybe they were just shooting in very far locations?
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Au revoir, People.
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i kinda figured this was coming since Wyatt Cenac since he started his now show on HBO
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Etrigan, I cannot favorite that because it is not my favorite news :(
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