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Dr. Rush uses the neural interface chair to try and access Destiny's systems, causing him to recall the events which led to his recruitment into the Stargate program. A university professor whose wife was fighting cancer, he was asked by Dr. Daniel Jackson to join a project which would eventually be known as Icarus.

The song "English Rose" by The Jam (1978) plays during Rush's dream.

* This is Michael Shanks' first full guest appearance on SGU, though he did appear in a brief cameo in the series premiere, "Air, Part 1." While en route to Icarus Base, Eli watched a video primer by Dr. Jackson, introducing basic Stargate concepts.

Eli: "I'd like to go."
Chloe: "Me too."
(Everyone stops and turns to look at her. She looks awkward, realising she has no good reason to go. Eli jumps to her rescue.)
Eli: "Chloe has been studying all of Doctor Jackson's work."
Colonel Young [not believing it for a moment]: "Really."
Lt. Scott [equally dubious]: "You have?"
Chloe: "I have."
Eli: [quietly]: "Say something archaeological."
Chloe: "Stratification."
Eli: [out of the corner of his mouth]: "That's good."
Chloe: "Thank you."
Eli: "Plus, didn't you say you took ancient history?"
Chloe: "I did."
Eli: "At Harvard!"
Colonel Young: "Well, I don't see how that helps us billions of light years from Earth, but I get it."
Eli: "I'm pretty sure we've established that this ship is no safer than any planets."
Chloe: "Kidnapped by aliens, right here!"
Colonel Young: "I don't have a problem with either of you going. I never said I did. Just be careful."
Lt. Scott: "Yes, sir."
Sgt. Greer: "All right, I'm gonna stay up here and cover your backs."
Eli: "Are you scared?"
[Greer's head snaps around towards Eli. Scott stops in his tracks. Greer glares at Eli, whose smile very quickly fades.]
Eli: "That was a joke!"
[Greer continues to glare]
I'm sorry - I must have mistakenly thought we were on that level now.
[Awkward pause. Greer continues to glare]
You know, friends who can kid each other like that?"
[Really awkward pause. Greer takes his sunglasses off and continues to glare at him.]
Eli: "Please don't kill me."
Colonel Young: "Lieutenant Scott, Sergeant Greer, come in."
Lt. Scott: [over radio]: "This is Scott, sir. (He coughs.) Glad to hear your voice, sir. We are in a bit of a pickle down here."
Colonel Young: "What's that?"
Lt. Scott: "We are trapped in an underground tunnel. We were exploring the ruins; Sergeant Greer was forced to fire his weapon; uh, the tunnel collapsed on us. No one is hurt. Eli and Chloe are looking for another way out but if they can't find one we're gonna need help getting out of here, sir."
Colonel Young: "Why was Sergeant Greer forced to use his weapon?"
Lt. Scott: "There was a... spider, sir. It was approaching Chloe."
Colonel Young: "A spider."
Lt. Scott: "It was a sizeable spider, sir."
Gloria: "You're not here for me."
Rush: "I've already been through this."
Gloria: "No you haven't. You were running."
Rush: "I was here."
Gloria: "You can't lie to yourself. You chose this memory because it's one you'd rather just forget. What you need is here now. That's why you're here. It's not for me. You just want your answer."
Rush: "I need an answer."
Gloria: "You're dying."
Rush: "I know."
Gloria: "You'd rather die than fail? What have you become, Nicholas? The things you've done - it's not who you are; it's not you."
Rush: "I always had it in me ... to make the hard decisions. I have reasons ... good reasons."
Gloria: "To hurt people? Are you sure? You tell yourself my death gave you courage. In truth, it made you callous. You're not the man I loved."
Rush: "He died with you."
Gloria: "I was never your conscience, Nicholas. You still have one of your own. You just need to listen to it. Some people live their whole lives and never find what we had. Don't let what happened to me change you this way. It's nobody's fault."
Rush: [crying] "I know. I know that."
Gloria: "It's one stupid gene passed on to me by my mother, incapable of performing its one simple function - to repair damaged D.N.A."
[Rush lifts his head, his eyes beginning to widen. As he looks round at her and the truth begins to dawn on him, she smiles in satisfaction.]
Gloria: "That's it, isn't it? That's why you're here."
Rush [Whispers]: "Of course!"
Gloria: "Go. I know how much you loved me. Stop taking it out on everyone else."
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- Imagine the Asks from Gloria Rush if she was a Mefite.
- Why not just have someone stick their arm in the gate to keep it from closing? People could operate in shifts.
-This episode is fantastic, so much so that it was hard to watch.
posted by Literaryhero at 6:09 AM on December 31, 2017

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