My Brother, My Brother And Me: MBMBaM 371: Face 2 Face: A Lot About Horniness
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Once again we are coming to you pre-recorded LIVE from beautiful Washington D.C.! We sure hope you enjoy! Suggested Talking Points: Train Murder Preparedness, What Kind Of Family You Got, King of Pranks, Toilet Mysteries, Emojis Can Die, Navitius, Buying Welcome Mats, How Money Works, Doctor Toboggan, Improv Nowhere, Ruined Cred
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The only thing I remember from this episode is the story of Griffin nearly murdering his father with a tub of water trying to prank him.

Oh, and Doctor Toboggan. That will live on.
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Doctor Toboggan is actually an Always Sunny reference (the name, not the rest of the bit), and IIRC this isn't the first time someone's made a reference to another bit of pop culture the boys didn't recognize during a live show, that they then picked up and riffed on - people should be more careful about that! It's just kind of awkward to have them unintentionally get deep into something based on a different creator's joke.
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Travis had an excellent missed joke during the custodian bit -- my Potty Fort? I can't quite remember now, because I got distracted laughing at Griffin's toilet mermaid.
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I was waiting for them to say "Is there a doctor in the house that can help this lady out," but they didn't.
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