Chapo Trap House: Episode 142 - The Schlock Doctrine feat. Naomi Klein (9/17/17)
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Naomi Klein comes by to talk shock, climate, resistance, and how smart we are. We then do a reading of Peggy Noonan's column, written while she was high on anesthesia.

In the intro they say that she apparently told them to not screw around too much.

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Here's Naomi's new book, "No Is Not Enough"
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She makes fun of them right away that she's there to be 'another token woman'. I love that she's familiar enough with the show that she knows what the usual barbs at them are. I like when people I like get along.
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I love hearing her talk casually and plainly and not the format of giving a talk or being interviewed by an MSM journalist who doesn't want to let her statements against global power go unchallenged. Hearing her laugh at a dumb Felix joke or telling Will to bend the knee is really humanizing.
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